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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Habitual Jeans is a fashion designer jean company that was founded in 2001. The company was started down under by the Australian husband and wife team of Michael and Nicole Colovos. No doubt, with Habitual Jeans that the couples mutual deep love for one another has sparked the art and design inspiration for their outstanding fashion company. Right from the start this jean company has placed a laser like focus on how the jeans fit, and in particular the artistic intricate details they place in their products. A unique characteristic of Habitual Jeans is their ability to work in their brands the ability to realize the intrinsic qualities of the materials they choose to work with. Even the name of the company, Habitual Jeans, seems to define exactly what the Colovos team is all about. They have a unique intense passion to continuously refine the artistic intent of their products, until nothing short of perfection has been achieved. These jeans have struck a distinct mark in the fashion industry my realizing the potential of clothing that acts as if it were a second skin. Really, though, it would seem that Habitual jeans are a gift to the fashion world. The Colovos intensity and creativity has been able to achieve a feel in designer jeans that makes them meld and feel a part of you, making you want to wear them time and time again. With denim jeans, they just But it seems that wearing denim jeans is just that way, they have a quality about them a part of your daily existence. You can wear them while lounging around at home on a lazy afternoon, or you could just as easily dress them up with a leather jacket and pumps and you are ready for an elegant evening on the boulevard. As time goes on, and as you wear them more and more, denim jeans become a part of you and your personality, and eventually they act as if they were a biography written by your own body. Habitual Jeans have this type of affect on their wearers. They are crafted with a unique combination of luxury and refinement, without losing the functional utility that is inherent with a denim material. Not only this, but Habitual Jeans add great style and flare not typically found in designer jeans. They are a perfect blend of elegance, sophistication, edge, and utility all in one artistic combination. Another characteristic found in Habitual Jeans is their high standards of craftsmanship. Their production line is founded with skilled tailors who painstakingly manufacture each and every pair of these jeans by hand. Their fine attention to detail and design is the trademark look for Habitual Jeans. They take great pride in their production line, and this can been seen in their processes and methods of construction. Their production standards require twice the time of completion to the industry standard denim jean. Once the jeans have been stitched together they take several months of washing at the factory to fine tune the finish. The back pockets are hand stitched with a placement that is unique to each and every pair manufactured. Habitual Jeans have caught the eye of many Hollywood celebrities. Names such as Natalie Portman, Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz, and Sarah Jessica Parker have all been seen donning a pair of these outstanding designer jeans. The next time you are shopping for a pair of denim designer jeans you need to try a pair of Habitual Jeans on and see for yourself why they have established themselves as a cutting edge and extravagant brand of designer jeans. If you are looking for a designer denim jean like no other, then you need to try on a pair of Habitual Jeans . Find out more information, reviews, and availability Habitual Jeans by visiting .habitualjeans.. 相关的主题文章: