Guo Degang issued a first response to Cao Yunjin when will you pipe down events (video)-tsumori chisato

Guo Degang issued a first response to Cao Yunjin: when will you pipe down event after 20 days Guo Degang responded to Cao Yunjin two micro-blog entertainment news (Tencent off comment style easy) this morning at 29 points, Guo Degang entitled "Horizon in non thin cool. "Up to more than 5800 words at the end of this article, wrote:" since 2016 time for a lesson, the tear bingshen decreed by fate." This is for him earlier this month has issued a document against her Cao Yunjin to make a counterattack. And this "Deyunshe mentoring dispute" has become a hot topic. Tencent entertainment reporter contacted Cao Yunjin himself, for this event, the reply, only reply to three words, see you in the afternoon, Cao Yunjin." 5 this month, Cao Yunjin accused Guo Degang of "we spare none the day before micro-blog, kill us!" Later, published a 6000 word text "is also the time, an end to" count, and Guo Degang in the past, said he knew too much, Guo Degang can not see the light of things, the paper also mentions the "Guo Degang curse over China crosstalk", "to the death of Beijing head to send wedding", "fabricated mentor of embezzlement, told reporters the female relationship" and other details. After Cao Yunjin issued a document, the broker once said, too lazy to respond to Guo Degang." After that, Guo Degang in a Beijing conference program responded that he did not take it to heart ", and said:" if I don’t mind living today, a composition can change your outlook on life, then I will give you a story, not fly bite?" When asked how to respond to this long article, Guo Degang said: "the rest two days does not mean two days after, two days after the finish does not mean we will not say, there is a good lively person, you wait for me after this period." Today night Guo Degang published a long article, begins to call this a master for fun, unique: "I like the little gold and apprentice make so firecrackers a great din of drums and pipes the lively scene, should be unique, thank you applause." Then, Guo Degang said that Cao Yunjin is not the long as I Pro: "in his cultural level, let alone write down these six thousand words, even if read down is not easy." And show that this is indeed some of the "grievance": "to whom? To me? I know it’s fake. To the small gold? He knew it was made up. For the paparazzi? They’re brothers. They planned it together. For the Navy? People are working. The boat to fight money post, as unalterable principles." In this paper, also known as Guo Degang Cao Yunjin fame after the expansion, since the apprentice, also received the "lunch tycoon" as a patron. And the text revealed that Cao Yunjin’s birthday feast, is an outbreak, but also one of the fuse to clean up their own portal: of course, why so noisy that day, there is another reason behind. This is why the cloud word door to expel two people……" But in the article, Guo Degang did not mention the response to Cao Yunjin’s "female reporter": "those things seem to grab my handle about to speak, but saying nothing deadly plot, when you are not busy chatting with everyone through the surname what call what, the more detailed the better, we need to save the old. It’s not fair that you can lie.相关的主题文章: