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Guangzhou 60 year old can apply for home care the highest monthly was 600 yuan     Information Times News (reporter Huang Yan) over 60 years old people in Guangzhou can apply for home care, the elderly can also apply for government funded families, can obtain the highest monthly subsidy of 600 yuan service.     yesterday, "Guangzhou city community home-based care services management approach" draft released, in accordance with the regulations, District, street level should be set up in the 1 home integrated service platform to provide rehabilitation care, life care, help meal catering and other service projects for the elderly. In Guangzhou, 60 years of age and older people can apply for community home care services.     home care service platform     1 level: to set up 1 areas of old-age home integrated service platform     2 Street (town) should be set up: 1 Street (town) home care service platform     3 community: reasonable layout of community elderly activity site (according to the number of elderly population and residential area)     set: dining service, entertainment and other functions, conditions should be added in day care function of     site and daily cost:     District, street (town) should actively revitalize the idle area of property and facilities, in order to free, low compensation provided to the social forces to carry out community home care services in the area of     the District Civil Affairs Bureau to determine the community home-based care services facilities, the use of water, electricity, gas, according to residents living class price Lattice charges; cable (digital television) basic maintenance fee and a monthly fee charged by the fixed telephone         applicant: living in Guangzhou more than 60 years of age and older can apply for community home care service     how to apply?     can apply for service to the community home care service department, select the service items and service organizations, and sign the service agreement with the service organization.     how to confirm the information?     the city’s household registration service object services, using the Guangzhou social security (public) to confirm the identity card information and services; non city residence service object services, services should be the identity information, services and other information into the home care integrated information service platform.     what are the basic services of community home care?     including rehabilitation nursing, life care, health care, help meal catering, day care, temporary care, culture and entertainment, spiritual comfort, hospice, "peace" and other services.     disabled elderly disabled families can apply for a maximum of $600 to support     for some deposit 7相关的主题文章: