Gu Yongqiang response to outgoing rumors still in the group but I should be able to take a vacation synnex

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Gu Yongqiang responded to rumors: one is still in the office but I should be able to leave the group Sina Francisco September 10th afternoon, in 2016 an open ecological conference, Gu Yongqiang responded to the recent resignation rumors, at present still one group. But he also said "I am a horse, a horse for a long time to take a break," I should be able to take a day off ". Previously, Youku insiders on Sina Technology revealed that the old man is going to be a group of CEO. Gu Yongqiang did not explicitly deny this in an interview. Then, a group of sina said Koo rumor is false news office. As early as May of this year, the group’s internal structure has been adjusted to divide the main battlefield business and emerging business. Yang Weidong, President of the group appointed as one of the president of the group, responsible Youku, potatoes, crazy, to play the main battlefield business. At the same time, the formation of the group set up a venture capital business, group president Liu Dele served as chairman of the venture capital. Gu Yongqiang also admitted in an interview, this time allocation and positioning of the six months has undergone great changes, more responsible for the beginning of the strategic and investment layout. We have done more than and 10 years in the internet entertainment industry, the need to maintain the forward-looking, Koo said. According to him, the venture capital in a significant acceleration in investment last year, only five or six projects, this year has invested about 30, the amount of investment reached 1 billion 200 million. Gu Yongqiang also talked about the integration of the integration of the group was Ali after the acquisition process. In June this year, Ali set up cultural entertainment sector, one group is an important platform for the. At present, one group with Ali in the content, and maintain the linkage of cash. Since the introduction of the group’s own channel program, is largely dependent on the realization of the electricity supplier in the gene Ali system. According to Yang Weidong said, one group has been integrated in other cultural entertainment sector in the pan entertainment business with ali. In sports, Youku sports will become a common platform Youku and Ali, Ali sports media content. Yang Weidong said Ali sports Youku sports investment, and the amount is not small. In the field of investment, the content of the content of the investment will be combined with ALI collaborative group, the specific business has been docking. At the same time, a linkage with ALI Ali pictures, music is also planned. Gu Yongqiang said, the Big Ali entertainment sector is setting up specific framework and business division, the fastest after the first half of the year, Chinese entertainment sector will upgrade. (Ding Zhuang)相关的主题文章: