Gstar2016 games S6 team for the one hundred million League preheat bonus sunny came home

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GSTAR2016 games S6 team for the one hundred million League warm-up game bonus Sina News   2016 G-STAR global game show will be carried out in South Korea Busan BEXCO in November 17th -11 month 20 days, in order to attract attention in advance for the game player game show warm-up, GSTAR2016 prepared a popular game in the gaming gaming competition, game heroes Union, including StarCraft 2 Dungeon Fighter Online, the game, the sword of the spirit. It is reported that the League S6 eight will compete for the one hundred million race, won the prize. In order to attract game player attention, Gstar has been prepared in advance of the popular game games. The preliminary heats and has now been launched, and the final will be in the fierce game show broadcast live. In gaming competitions including the hero alliance, StarCraft 2, Dungeon Fighter Online and other domestic popular games. Related reading: look for "the Lost Ark" will participate in Gstar in China is not the test network Zen "MU: Legend" hanbok 17 beta GStar2016 exhibited new content game development trend and manufacturers observed from South Korea Gstar exposure strategy league S6 eight game bonus one hundred million yuan to Korea Korea E-sports Association and Riot Games jointly organized, spotv LOL KeSPA Cup live 2016 semi-finals and finals match in the upcoming 18~19 game. KeSPA cup for the Korean domestic league games only short-term, world-class strength of the domestic players learn platform. Participate in the general assembly of the team a few days ago in the S6 game eye-catching performance of the SKTT1 and 2016 of the Samsung World Cup, as well as the winner of the 2016 championship in the Rox tigers team. In addition to the 2016 new commendatore cup (KeG) into the upper Seoul city and the Chungnam team also participated in the novice team. 12 and the top 8 this month, 9~14 days in Seoul Jiangnan NEXON arena held. Four teams through the fierce battle for victory in the Busan game show in one hundred million won (about 560 thousand yuan) of the champion. Twitch will host the eight tournament all contracted to continuous Street Fighter Tekken international media partners in Twitch held a variety of games in the game during the exhibition. This month, 17~20 days held in the Twitch VSL exhibition hall. Twitch in order to comfort a fan of StarCraft olimoleague and StarCraft VSL 2 site organized team. Also like to fight the players prepared the street fighter 5 Karp empty cup. The 20 day in the field of 7FR VSLS3 and the final four iron fist. Japan and South Korea’s iron fist friendly also has a lot of fans attention. In addition, the site can also watch the only domestic anti-terrorism elite global offensive (CS:GO) of the VSL and Dota2 S3 finals, select the strongest team hearthstone legend HCC vs VSL HSTM.相关的主题文章: