Google driverless car suffered a serious car accident was hit by a truck dented no casualties diamondprox

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Google unmanned vehicle serious accident: truck was hit to paintless no casualties on 25 DoNews9 news (editor Fei Qianwen) according to foreign media reports, 23 local time in the United States, Google driverless car in the mountain city and a commercial truck collided, the car body side of a large area of depression, which may is the most serious accident Google encounter. According to witnesses, 23 pm local time, a truck from the side into the Google unmanned prototype car, resulting in two vehicles damaged in varying degrees, of which Google driverless car to the right side of the body of severe depression, the right front door deformation. Fortunately, when the airbag has been opened, the accident did not cause injury. Witnesses said the accident was not caused by the unruly behavior of driverless cars, on the contrary, the driver should bear the main responsibility for the accident. At present, Google has not issued an official statement, according to the Convention, Google only until the end of the month when the report will be published comments. In March this year, Google driverless car and a bus accident was exposed minor rub accident. It is understood that it is the first time that Google driverless cars should bear part of the responsibility". According to public information, in March of this year before Google unmanned accident was disclosed, since Google driverless cars on the road test, there were 17 accidents, but these accidents are not Google unmanned vehicle system’s responsibility, is a small driver in the car collision or other vehicle driver Google no cause. (end)相关的主题文章: