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God 9 years to earn 1 billion recently married his girlfriend had left a good stock than to find the original title: eight years to earn 1 billion Shaoxing Warren "Zhao brother" married female friends lamented than a good stock to find site map site map in the 100 thousand red capital stocks parents stall small businesses hard saved reporter Lin Sinan Hu Jian ten a · "during the National Day holiday, Chinese capital market continued, in a festive atmosphere, but because the 80 young people a fry a bit more attention, he is not an ordinary small investors, but the capital of the new generation of world famous" Warren "Zhao brother. The evening of October 2nd, Zhao brother ho throw daughter, package of Shaoxing Olympic Sports Center in Jinghu exhibition hall, inside do a wedding, Louis Liu, Meng Tingwei, Liu Neng and other invited well-known showbiz star to add to the fun. The wedding was notable, in addition to style, it is because the groom itself is a magical figure in the mouth of investors. To enter the market in 2007, but his capital 100 thousand yuan, now a conservative estimate of net worth more than 1 billion yuan, 8 years more than ten thousand times the rate of return on this now for the vast majority of investors heart A stock market, have to say is a legend". Wedding banquet in the original "Shaoxing Olympic Sports Center, Olympic Sports Center yesterday passed, saw the big red corridor lights up like the restaurant, I thought there is a concert tonight." October 3rd early in the morning, a network forum in Shaoxing began to bustle up, someone opened a special post, chatting the day before the wedding. As of yesterday evening, this post reading volume is close to 90 thousand. The groom is Shaoxing stock circle of the famous "Zhao brother", because he usually is low-key, rarely go out to socialize. Despite his fame in the circle, but he did not see much, many people are seen on the Internet spread out of the wedding photos, only to see the magic of the groom’s true face of Mount Lu. "Zhao brother" formerly known as Zhao Qiang, Shaoxing, born in 1987, graduated from Hangzhou University of finance. According to the photos of the wedding scene on the Internet, his thin, thin lips, not full nose and a slightly shy smile are basically consistent with those who are familiar with him. When these photos on the Internet quickly after forwarding, informed sources, Zhao brother login Amoy shares (A shares "folk Warren" a center, after Xu Xiang and Qiu Baoyu for investors for having heard it many times were born), requested the deletion of the post, said "I still don’t allow without me photos". Thus, we can conclude that the graphic in Zhao brother is Zhao Qiang himself. Multiple photos show the wedding scene in red tone, Zhao brother dressed in light grey suits Yingbin, background wall has big "Zhao Chen" word. In meeting the bride, Zhao brother is the replacement of a suit and tie. The agony of "girlfriend is better than the stock to find Zhao brother finally married. According to media reports, October 2nd day, the Olympic Center is Zhao brother allegedly 20 thousand yuan restaurant, banquet table, ya相关的主题文章: