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Exercise Hip joint pains are excruciating and can make your entire life crippled. One of the major things contributing to hip pain is arthritis. In cases of acute arthritis, it sometimes extremely difficult for a person to carry out the basic activities of life. Infact, movement restricted in severe cases. In such situations, there is no option left than to undergo anterior hip replacement or total hip replacement. With hip replacement methods, one can get .fort to great extent and easily resume normal life without any major problems. Anterior hip replacement or total hip replacement is carried out in all parts of the world now. But make sure that the orthopedic surgeon carrying out the surgery is an experienced one in this field. There are many advantages of total hip replacement done through anterior hip replacement techniques. Some of them are as follows: Minimum amount of incision is required in the anterior hip replacement procedure. Only about 4 inches of incision is required in this kind of total hip replacement surgery process. It is very effective for people suffering with acute hip pain, restricted hip movement, stiffness etc. Since the incision made is very small; it is obvious that less amount of blood is lost in the process. Infact, there is no chance of bone and muscle detachment in this. The hip .pletely functional after the surgery. The process and time for recovery is very fast in case of total hip replacement and anterior hip replacement surgery. The patient is discharged on the same day or maximum on the next day of the surgery. There is no restriction on walking normally. In the initial stages, it is advised to walk with the help of a support in the form of a stick or a cane etc. The best part is that the patient can get back to normal work within a few days of the surgery easily. With successful anterior hip replacement surgery, one can even indulge in sports activities within a time frame of one month. It is always good to consult an orthopedic surgeon before you decide to go for total hip replacement or anterior hip replacement surgery. It might be possible that all hip replacement surgeries are not suitable for you. The orthopedic surgeon can best suggest that. Most of the patients like to go for these surgeries as they help in resuming normal life at the earliest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: