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German refugees died mysteriously terrorist suspects prison shirt Dutch act original title: German refugee terrorist suspects prison died mysteriously at the age of 22 Syria refugees shirt Dutch act Abel · Abak’s fate changed dramatically in just a week last weekend, he was suspected of attempting to bomb attacks in Germany, was the German national police wanted; this Monday (10) morning, he was seized and turned over three villagers in Syria in Leipzig during the German police hiding; however in two days after the arrest Wednesday night, Abak and bizarre death in prison. According to a German television reports, the State Administration of justice held a press conference in 13, to the media revealed a bizarre episode: at 3:30 on the afternoon of 10, Abak was sent to the detention center in Leipzig. He said he did not have an "urgent suicide risk," but there was another risk of injury, and he was detained in a single cell. The guards every 15 minutes on his rounds once. But "Bild" claimed that the actual rounds only once per hour. On the evening of 10, all in smooth water. 11, psychological doctor again after test, also there is no "risk assessment of Abaco Dutch act". However, the day of the detention of Abak’s cell lights and electrical plugs were damaged, but this did not cause the attention of the prison party. 12 evening 7:45, guards in the inspections, found the prison to his shirt with aibak, railings will own strangled in his cell. On Saturday, German police seized 1.5 kilograms of powerful explosives in the Abaco apartment. On the same day, he arrived in Germany disguised as Syrians, found the Leipzig fellow took refuge in social media". But his lies very quickly by fellow found, three people will be sent to the police he tied the wire. The German Green Party demanded a medal for the three syrians. However, the federal prosecutor’s office, said Abak accused the three men are insider. Abak suicide news, triggering criticism from all walks of life in Germany, the judiciary of Isaacson. Abak’s legal counsel has raised serious charges against the judiciary, calling it a "judicial scandal."". "Focus" magazine pointed out that Abak’s Dutch act to the alleged terrorist incidents left many outstanding mysteries, such as Abak is manipulated by extremist organizations, whether he has a friend in Germany, the three villagers in Syria is the "hero" or "suspect" etc.. Reporter Aoki editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: