G the children do not want to go to school children The teacher used a trick to get it – Sohu matern-didadi

G: the children do not want to go to school children? The teacher used a trick to get it – Sohu maternal and child do not want to go to school how to do? How do you do? Is not the parents to the pressure, is not in the school by the students bully? These are questions that parents need to observe. When the child mood strikes, we do not rush to appease, to stop crying, but standing on a child’s perspective to understand children, have empathy with the children, help children to divert their emotions, so, no matter what things are easy to smoothly done or easily solved. G: the children do not want to go to school children? The teacher in a fix (Figure) morning, saw a child in the school gate is the master frame arm, the child Aoao cried desperately struggling hard pursed his body to outside the school, seeing two adults do not live according to the child, the child only crying to go home. The school director anxious: "get back to you in the classroom, so that I can call the police, the police uncle will take no children into the classroom!" Which know the child stopped crying, pointing to the director of the mobile phone said: "you hit you, right now, let him take me away!" I haven’t seen such a personality of the child, suddenly I love this little stubborn cattle. Master mengang to release the child, the child immediately play to lock gate. "I’m going home!" See the door can not be opened, the children began to use hands and feet climbing the door. The door is iron, the child is too small, he can just toss red face in the lower part of the door. I’m trying to cling to his body, but the excitement of a small body seems to have a great power. "Are you angry now, aren’t you?" I finally grabbed his back. "Yes!" The child said in a stuffy voice. "I feel, you are very sad, very grievance?" I went on to ask. The child did not say anything, just a lot of tears welled up in his eyes. "I know you don’t want to go into the classroom now. If you really want to dig out the gate, I will support you, if you hard to climb, climb up, you go home, okay?" "Good!" The child cried harder, shaking hands and feet…… After much hard work, children relax: iron railings is too slippery, he can climb. And I just want him to let go. "Honey, you rely on me to rest please, if you want to try again later, I will help you." I said to him. "But would you like to tell me why you want to go home? Did the teacher criticize you?" The child leaned on me. I just don’t want to go to school!" I come up with a paper towel to him, he refused to accept, so I will give him wipe the clown. Quiet for a while, I was trying to ask him if he wanted to climb again, he suddenly said: "why do I get three interest classes? There are so many homework every day, after the completion of the interest classes, more than nine points, did not play time…… Why don’t let me play? Adults can watch TV play mobile phone? They don’t understand how I feel!" I see! "Yes, why not let us play? So much homework, why not go to adult class? Why not let us small!相关的主题文章: