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Fuzhou residents of the home washing machine Samsung flames jump from one meter high Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog) November 15th hearing (Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog) reporter Xu Wenyu) "I wash in the bathroom, the house suddenly off, out of view, found the balcony washing machine is burning, the flames up to one meter high, scared me!" the morning of November 13th, who lives in Changle City Nanshan printing factory dormitory Samsung washing machine Chen home sudden spontaneous combustion. Yesterday afternoon, the Samsung Corp customer service personnel to the scene view, said to Miss Chen, they think is Miss Chen home mouse or a cockroach bite wire, washing machine is burning. But Miss Chen does not agree with this statement. At noon yesterday, the Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog) reporter saw in the balcony of Miss Chen, which is a model of WF702U2BBGD Samsung washing machine, in June 2014 to buy. Washing machine’s power line have all been burned, the walls were blackened by washing machine. Miss Chen told reporters that the 13 day at 9:30 pm, after she got up and put the clothes into the washing machine in the normal setting, see the work of washing machine, go to the toilet. A few minutes later, the bathroom lights suddenly went out, and then she found the home blackout. She came out to see if the trip, just to the living room, he heard the crackling sound, the original washing machine on the balcony is burning, the flame of one meter high. Frightened Miss Chen, with the end of a basin of water to extinguish the fire. Miss Chen scared to say, but when someone home fire, or burn up nobody, consequences be unbearable to contemplate. At noon yesterday, Samsung Corp sales staff came to Miss Chen’s home, after viewing, said the company also sent people to view the scene, they can not immediately determine what causes the washing machine burning. But yesterday evening, Miss Chen told reporters: "the Samsung Corp call, first is to distance themselves from responsibility, say they believe that there are two causes of burning, or is too close to the bucket beside the washing machine, or cockroaches or mouse biting wire." The other said that if Miss Chen is willing to, they can compensate for a similar price washing machine to settle the matter. Miss Chen is very angry, she felt the way to deal with such a Samsung Corp, it is to deceive consumers. Reporter inquiry found that, in addition to the recent comparison of fire Samsung NOTE7 mobile frequent spontaneous combustion, Samsung’s washing machine, television spontaneous combustion, have been exposed by the media. June 4, 2015, AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center released a Samsung top loading washing machine recall notice. Notice that, in some cases, moisture may invade washing machine electrical connections. If this fault occurs, the washing machine may catch fire and cause a fire. The recall announcement shows that the recall release of the country or region of Australia, and pointed out that the recall involved in 2010, 2011, 2012 production following the type name of the product, and the product of some models produced in 2013: SW75V9WIP, SW65V9WIP, SW70SPWIP, SW80SPWIP, WA85GWGIP, WA85G)相关的主题文章: