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Fujian set up the country’s first provincial health insurance office to promote the three guarantees a Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The "Three Guarantees" is expected to be difficult to essay in Fujian. Fujian provincial medical security management committee office was recently formally established, the integration of urban residents medical insurance, urban workers and new rural cooperative medical insurance management system, the implementation of the medical insurance agency’s three guarantees". A former director of Sanming Municipal Committee, reform group leader Zhan Jifu served as the office of health insurance. Sanming health reform by drug reform first open, from medicine, health care, medical order to promote the comprehensive reform of the three doctors linkage, then from the city public hospitals, county public hospitals, primary health care institutions, community health care and medical support combined with upper and lower coordination promoting and achieved certain results, created in the the well-known experience in sanming. Among them, the reform of the medical security system is the core of the three medical linkage. January 2014 will be the first in the country, Sanming urban workers, urban residents and new rural cooperative health insurance agencies into three types of medical insurance fund management center, medical institutions become Sanming security. The center is not only responsible for drug procurement and unified settlement, was completely cut off between hospitals and pharmaceutical supplies suppliers, pharmaceutical representatives also has interests exchanges, fund management, medical behavior supervision, medical service price adjustment and other functions. In order to further promote the reform of the medical care system in July this year, Fujian Sanming according to experience, the establishment of specialized health care institutions — Fujian Province medical insurance management committee, composed of the general office of the provincial government of Fujian Provincial Department of finance, development and Reform Commission, Planning Commission, the Commission by letter, the office of human resources and other units responsible for the overall guidance and coordination of the province medical security work. As the Fujian provincial health insurance commission under the office of Fujian Province medical insurance office is responsible for the daily work, affiliated Provincial Department of finance, relatively independent operation. Fujian is the medical insurance, medical service price regulation, drug supplies procurement and other related functions of medical greater efforts to carry out integration, will be scattered in the departments of social insurance for urban workers, urban residents medical insurance and maternity insurance management, centralized purchasing health departments to NCMS management, drug management, price department the price of medical service management functions undertaken by the office of unified. It is understood that the next step by city of Fujian will also set up corresponding City Medical Security Management Bureau, integration of medical insurance for urban residents, urban workers and the new rural cooperative medical insurance management system, the implementation of health insurance agencies "Three Guarantees one". From the idea of Fujian Province, the reform will have two benefits: first, the establishment of Fujian Provincial Health Insurance Commission and medical insurance office, the implementation of the "Three Guarantees" in the province, can solve the long-standing employee medical insurance, residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance by the community and the health sector are handling caused by repeat insurance, policy implementation is not a management, high cost and low efficiency in the use of funds. Secondly, to safeguard the advantages of centralized medical management system, the establishment of procurement platform according to the sun, "for mining, and, according to the needs of real price, remove the grey" principle, the implementation of the theory of Medicine相关的主题文章: