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Eat fruit for so many years, still make these mistakes — the food channel — original title: fruit for so many years, still make mistakes like what kind of fruit does not eat what kind of these, do not eat as much, more than you can eat, there are a lot of learning. Eat too much too far some weight-loss plans suggest you eat as many fruits and vegetables eat much, but "the Mediterranean" author Barry Sears do not think so, of course, non starchy vegetables you can eat unlimited, but taking into account the high glycemic index of fruit, eat fruit must be more cautious". Moreover, the fruit is sweet and delicious, it is easy to eat too much, which will dramatically increase the amount of blood glucose and calories, resulting in weight gain. "Chinese residents dietary guidelines (2016 Edition)" suggested that a family of three, a week should purchase 4~5 kg of fruit. In addition, although in all respects, eat a whole fruit is the best, it is recommended to choose smaller bananas or apples, rather than large ones, so as not to avoid eating a few times to eat the amount of. Although a single fruit fruit than a candy is better, but it is still possible to make your blood sugar rise. If the collocation some proteins, such as a piece of cheese or a cup of milk, nuts, can effectively solve this problem, Sears said. "The fruit improves insulin levels, and the protein increases glucagon, a hormone that helps stabilize blood sugar levels," said dr.." If you have diabetes or prediabetes, it’s especially important to use protein with fruit. Only eat fruit pulp does not eat peel peel of vitamins and antioxidants content is relatively high. For example, apple peel, rich in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin A. The study found that eating fruit peel may reduce the risk of obesity and cancer. Of course, even if it is fruit eaten together, must clean the skin, reduce pesticide residues. Peel taste is not very good, it can be cooked and then re edible. The fruit is squeezed into juice to drink fruit juice, whether from bottled fruit juice or fashion juice bar, will reduce the composition of the fiber, and dietary fiber is to slow down the release of glucose in the blood. Compared to drink fruit juice, eat a piece of fruit or occasionally drink milkshakes better. He also warned that excessive intake of fruit and fruit juice (easy to drink two cups of juice or eat a whole bag of dried apricots is very simple, it would be much easier to drink). All fruits are the same as each fruit contains nutrients, but their respective "good" different. For example, pineapple and blueberries contain healthy vitamins, but different content of their carbohydrate, sugar and fiber, should choose according to their own needs. "Keith Kantor Green Box Foods, author of League of Nutritious Justice" said, in general, try to choose rich in polyphenols and low GI value of the fruit, but overall, most of the darker fruits (such as dark peel grapes) than light fruit (such as bananas and watermelon) rich in antioxidants and less sugar. (Health times)相关的主题文章: