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Arts-and-Entertainment Standing at the open front door of the house, creeping around the edge, I see a man at the other end of the house holding a grenade. I quickly lean back, holding my gun at the ready position, thinking about what to do next. I ask my gun training instructor, At what point can this guy see me? He answers, Well, with the way your foot is positioned, he can see you already. You better shoot him now before he throws that grenade. Within three quarters of a second, I have stepped into the doorway, pointed in at the guy and shot him twice in the thoracic cavity. No one is blowing up my house today. Where am I? I am in Pahrump, Nevada, at Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training school called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, taking a Four Day Defensive Handgun Training Course. Don’t worry… the guy I shot was just a paper target. But what if he was real? I have friends that regularly go shooting, either at a range or somewhere out in the desert. They take their guns, their ammunition, their gear and go have a good time shooting paper targets and clay pigeons. They have never had professional gun training, but they talk about how awesome they are with a gun because they have been shooting dozens of times over a period of several years. They keep guns in their homes because they think they’ll be able to stop an intruder. But do they know that if an intruder .es into their houses, everything matters? Everything down to how you walk down the hall or through a doorway can change the way that intruder reacts to your presence… or can keep your presence a secret. How would you exit your bedroom and walk down the hall to get your kids if you heard the sound of breaking glass on the other side of the house? Most people simply say, As fast as possible. But did you know that there is a way that can get you to your kids safely, and there is a way that is more likely to get you killed? Don’t be intimidated if you don’t know these things. Ignatius Piazza is able to help you with that at his gun training school called Front Sight. Wait, why would I learn how to walk through A DOOR at a gun training school? Shouldn’t I be learning how to shoot? Trust me, you will learn how to shoot a gun safely and better than anyone you know. But at this gun training school, you will also learn literally EVERYTHING ELSE you need to know about using a gun safely and effectively for self defense, from way before you ever grab your gun until dealing with law enforcement and the courts, including… yes, you guessed it… how to walk through a door correctly. Front Sight’s gun training program is definitely the most .plete gun training program you will find. Ignatius Piazza left nothing out when designing Front Sight’s curriculum. So, let me ask you… is the way you walk through a door putting you at risk? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: