From January 1st next year, Xiaoshan native ecological burial reward 10

From January 1st next year, Xiaoshan local ecological burial reward 10 thousand to further deepen the funeral reform, strengthen funeral management, the implementation of ecological burial section. According to "funeral regulations", "Zhejiang province plan", the Ministry of civil affairs "on the implementation of ecological burial section of the guidance" (min FA 2016 No. 21) and notify the Department of civil affairs of Zhejiang province "on the implementation of the guidance of" ecological burial section (Zhejiang civil 2016 No. 91) the spirit of the document, the practical situation of our district, we have to strengthen the region to deepen the reform of funeral funeral management, promote ecological burial section and green funeral work put forward the following opinions: first, the basic principles of funeral reform and increase management efforts, vigorously implement ecological burial section, adhere to government led, social participation, conserve resources and protect the environment. Guidance, promote co-ordination, combining guidance, reasonable planning principles, actively safeguard Bingai results, according to the relevant laws and regulations, effective remediation of illegal acts, to prevent damage Bad trees, illegal land, arbitrary bury to realize Bingai long-term management. Two, the goal of the task of 1, the ecological comprehensive. Built a number of demonstration effect of ecological and land burial facilities, the full implementation of premium incentive policies, ecology, land has become the funeral customs new mainstream. 2, long-term management of the cemetery. Ecological burial facilities to implement total control, according to the urban planning and the overall land use planning, reasonable layout, to meet the next twenty years the townsstreet funeral needs, to ensure the long-term operation of ecological burial facilities and the management of cemeteries. 3, according to the law of the general administration. Deforestation and land, the chaos buried in mass graves area exceed the standard and effective governance; strictly according to law, eliminate the phenomenon of Castle Peak whitening national and provincial highway, railway, mainly on both sides of the river within the region, to achieve clean, green and beautify. Three, specific initiatives 1, further standardize the burial of ashes. Townsstreet to strengthen tracking management of ashes, improve the ecological cemetery for burial, tree burial, funeral flower beds, encourage lawn burial and wall burial. From January 1, 2017 onwards, the household staff in this area of ashes after cremation River, in the specified region to implement Cemetery ashes scattered (lawn burial, tree burial, funeral flower beds, etc.) does not retain the ashes of the funeral is, by the District Civil Affairs Bureau funeral management department to assist in the completion of burial and give each 10 thousand yuan reward. To strictly control the destruction of trees and mourning families of illegal land, the phenomenon of chaos buried in mass graves, prohibited the burial of ashes coffin loaded, no ashes into the old grave burial tomb, prohibited deforestation (construction) the tomb covers an area of repair. 2, to further increase the cemetery construction and management of capital investment. On the principle of ecological cemetery street of the town is responsible for the planning, construction and management, and further increase the district finance most of grant funds, the new (expanded) construction of eco cemetery subsidy of 80 thousand yuan per mu given; for the new (expanded) construction of the ashes storage room (including outdoor storage sites) to give subsidies 300 yuan per case; for the region’s ecological cemetery ecological burial management arrangements for the annual 1 million 200 thousand yuan of funds for flood control and anti Taiwan, fire prevention, geological disaster prevention, daily management, annual inspection, assessment and trial demonstration appraisal etc.. 3, to further increase efforts to punish the grave. District financial arrangements for some of the funds allocated to the district government building projects to promote the process of the day相关的主题文章: