Former Portuguese Prime Minister 3 votes in the election of the United Nations Secretary General of ratatouille

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Former Prime Minister of Portugal votes 3 wins to lead the United Nations Secretary General Selection – Beijing 29 United Nations Security Council on the selection of the next secretary general to hold the third round of voting intention, former Prime Minister of Portugal, the former United Nations High Commissioner for refugees Antonio Guterres votes to continue to maintain a leading?. Guterres get 11 votes to encourage, 3 votes to encourage and 1 votes no opinion". This is the third time he has won the first place in the polls. Despite a slight drop in Guterres’s advantage over the first two games, some diplomats believe he still has a strong edge in the race. Miroslav, Slovakia’s foreign minister, rose rapidly in the third vote, ranking second in the list of the top. He was only sixth in the last poll. The joint UNESCO Director-General and former Bulgarian foreign minister Irina Bokova? The United Nations General Assembly and former chairman, former Foreign Minister of Serbia Wu Jeremic tied third grams?. According to the selection process, the 15 members of the Security Council vote is not open, but will be the final number of votes for each candidate, so that they understand the extent of their support, and then decide the next move. (Xinhua Xu Liyu Micro Edition)相关的主题文章: