Foreign Ministry responded to China fishing boats sank at the Korean police boat South Korea

Foreign Ministry responded to Chinese fishing boats sank Han police boat looking South Korea calm to deal with the original title: October 10, 2016, foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang held a regular press conference Q: according to reports, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recently said in a statement, "Paris agreement" in November 4th will be officially effective. U.S. President Obama said in a speech, the agreement comes into force is a historic moment, which will be a turning point in the global response to the process of change. What is China’s comment on this? A: the Paris accord will come into force in less than a year, and it is one of the fastest in the history of the international treaty. Entry into force of the "Paris agreement" is a new starting point of the multilateral process of global climate governance, will lead into the new stage of global green low-carbon development. At the same time, the "Paris accord" is a model of international cooperation to meet global challenges, but also provides an important reference for other areas of global governance. As a responsible developing country, China has taken concrete actions to deal with climate change, actively participated in international climate governance, and made positive contributions to promoting the early entry into force of the Paris agreement and the agreement. Not long ago, President Xi Jinping and President Obama to join the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon attended the "Paris agreement" with the approval of the book, laid the foundation for the effective agreement in advance. China is willing to continue to strengthen cooperation with all parties in addressing climate change issues, to promote the effective implementation of the Paris agreement, the agreement to promote follow-up negotiations to promote global green, low-carbon, sustainable development. Q: it is reported that a Chinese on fishing boats fishing illegally in South Korean waters, South Korean coastguard boats sank, the South Korean government on this incident made an appointment with the Consul General of Chinese in Korea, and lodged a strong protest, the South Korean government is looking for someone aboard the fishing boat. In this regard, the Chinese government’s position? A: we have noted that the report has been through our Embassy in Korea to understand the situation, we are currently working with the relevant departments to further verify the situation. We hope that the ROK from regional stability of bilateral relations, starting, calm and rational to handle relevant issues. Q: today is the anniversary of the Korean workers’ party, China has sent a congratulatory message? In addition, there are reports that North Korea has recently increased the possibility of the sixth nuclear test, China’s comment on this? Answer: first, the two countries are friendly neighbors, the two parties and the two countries have maintained long-term friendly exchanges between the traditional. October 10th is the Korean labor party 71 anniversary, the Chinese side has already expressed his congratulations to the dprk. The second question, we note that the relevant reports. Under the current circumstances, we strongly urge the parties concerned not to take action to exacerbate tensions on the peninsula. Q: Recently, the U.S. Congress to overthrow President Obama’s veto of the way through the "Justice Act" against Terrorism Act allows supporters, U.S. citizens took place in U. S. territory and caused the death of the terrorist attacks of U.S. citizens to the United States Court of foreign government. Some countries expressed serious concern about the bill of the United States. Would you like to comment on this? A: China firmly opposes terrorism in all its forms, and supports the international community in conducting counter-terrorism cooperation. China believes that international counter-terrorism cooperation should play a joint Jun相关的主题文章: