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Flab Belly or alpha male which one are you? The alpha male may not always .e in first in everything by he will never fully accept second in anything. Smoking Joe Frasier once said "I never knew how to do anything easy, the only way I knew how to do it was the hard way" this is clealy a alpha male trait, although he lost to two heavyweight champions, Muhammad Ali and George Forman he finished both fights on his feet standing proud and if the referee had not stop those bouts he would have surely died on his feet. In the Ali fight he was so tired, he just swung wildly in the 13th and 14th rounds with both eyes closed due to swelling. But the ref knew he had to stop the fight or explain why he allowed a totally blind Joe Frasier knowing that the only thing left for him in that fight was death. In the George Forman fight he was knock down seven times, but he didn’t do what so many fighters did which was look at the ref and let the ref count to nine then jump up, using the clock to survive the round in hopes of .ing back the following round. No he never went into suvival mode so every time he was knocked down he jumped back up as fast as he could, within a second or two.But this is sometimes the alpha’s greatest down fall "PRIDE" the alpha will never go to his grave without it. Had the ref not stopped that fight Joe frasier would have jumped back up 10 more times, again he would have died on his feet and never laid on his back. Flab belly will often go to the gym but will never produce a hard body, he will always find a way to do his or her workouts "smarter" not harder but they is why he or she will never have the same mind set as the alpha. Flab belly’s have some really great saying and quotes to live like "I work smarter not harder" ha ha ha or "the only curls I do is curl my beer from the table to my mouth" again hardy har har, or this is one of their favorite lies is "I have confidence in myself just the way I am" ok flab belly the parking garage is full, are you going to call off of work today or walk three blocks to the job? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: