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Fashion: sports pants when it became so popular, since the autumn, I believe that all mothers in the care of a problem, friends, loudly tell me what it is! To wear long johns, no? As the saying North Baby I really frost way soft, but every day before going out in front of a mirror, the face of pig intestine like body…… In the end how to do? Look down. Only a short while ago became a closet long johns the most unpopular time (SHI) (Chuan) is a single product, whether in jeans or pants are incompatible with it Former friends become enemies with each other. two, a single product, it makes the original sleek curves become useless for procrastination, I always love long johns underwhelmed! Now, the good sisters finally out of long johns as it has been vindicated, the sisters do you want to wear a few pieces of long johns are OK! In recent years a wave of wide leg pants let everyone down, and people show a leg, now designers also play new tricks, moving elements masculine join, sports pants on both sides of the stripe like boys, so that the original monotonous wide leg pants more stylish. Wide legs on the broad legs, but also to a moving element, so the design should not be too cute oh! The wind moving side stripe wide leg pants handsome, with elegant and straightforward. If you are obsessed with slim pants, can also be found in Levis in motion elements. Rihanna ‘Puma X Fenty’ to create a series of autumn and winter is the typical case of sports and fashion elements with the exaggerated figure driving takes a lot of courage, but these fashionable small thinking is worth reference. Autumn and winter this year, a sport with elements of wide leg pants, children on the word "modern" either RIRI or Beckham is early in the body, and lengthen the proportion of all-match, high heels shoes off. In this design I can only say to wear long johns, loose design is the perfect camouflage, then I would say a very cliche ‘temperature and poise. The major brands in the autumn and winter also launched a variety of sports baggy pants and this year first choice conditions of this kind of pants type is to loose, slim can, stripe element is also essential, or you can directly open the closet. We Puma-x-Rihanna- ‘Fenty’ sports pants (about 1200) amounting to OFF-WHITE (about 4300) (about MSGM: 1900) MOSCHINO (approximately 3500) (about BURBERRY-classic-joggers: 5200) Kenzo (about 2300) LAREIDA "Jane" pants (about 1100) of Coach (about 4900) to see so much long johns good partner, can only help you to it! Lofficiel    we are looking forward to the public number from WeChat "WeChat public name] to meet with you相关的主题文章: