FA cup into a bargaining chip Scolari Hengda or do both hands (video)-shiyang

The FA Cup Scolari bargaining chips Hengda or prepare for [Planning] full review Hengda this season road win six consecutive. No one can stop whether Scolari will continue to teach bigger? Reporter Ye Hui Guangzhou reported more than six consecutive achievement, Hengda next goal is the November FA Cup final. In this AFC Champions League out early season, the FA Cup is no longer in the chicken ribs, but Hengda important trophy for two consecutive years to achieve double crown. Hengda has missed the trophy for 3 consecutive years, and this year there are tens of millions of bonuses to stimulate, and, Scolari also need this trophy to add bargaining chips for their new contract. Last summer to the office of Scolari, led the team to get AFC Champions League and more than double, at the beginning of the season, Scolari’s team won the Super Cup in Chongqing, in the evening of 23 lock ahead of two Super League champions, only Scolari FA Cup gold medal will be able to unlock the current level in the country’s top football club tournament "grand slam". His predecessor, almost complete the "restoration" of Lippi at the end of the season, get in, AFC Champions League and FA Cup champion has taught Hengda two and a half years, but always with the Super Cup champion. As long as Scolari to get the football cup hand, Hengda achievements can go beyond the Lippi. Hengda also eager to get the FA Cup, to improve the success of this season to convince. From the beginning of the 2012 season, Hengda 4 consecutive years to AFC Champions League eight, more in the 2013 and 2015 season won the Champions League twice AFC Champions League. Two years of fighting, is hard, it is worth, and what is more, Hengda never into a chain in the domestic league, there have been setbacks, is too low, finally smooth the super Vulcan cup in hand firmly. After the 2016 season, Hengda early exit from AFC Champions League stadium, six Super Champion has long been seen as a rival in the bag. The reason is very simple, with a strong overall strength Hengda and far more than the other super team bench depth, in the long run in the league, it is difficult to have a team to challenge the status of Hengda king. Even if the General Assembly occasionally make mistakes, but the other team made more mistakes. So, in this without the need for a AFC Champions League knockout distraction of the season, only to get a super champion, is far from success. In order to motivate the team to the impact of the FA Cup, after the team into the semi-finals, Hengda adjusted the FA Cup bonus program, qualify for the final award 10 million, and finally won the prize, then the prize of $10 million. Scolari also eager to the FA Cup, so will go all the way to the final part of the main road to go all the way with the rotation. May 11th third round of the FA Cup, Hengda expedition Inner Mongolia, originally intended to replace the bench is enough to pass the Scolari, I did not expect the first part of the results of the first part of the game to scare the Brazilian a 10 jump. Hong Kong, Suning, decimating, China super team and in a series of low level team against struggling. Finally, Scolari changed the original plan, sent the main in Hohhot with excellent dialogue, not get promotion. After the hit, and decimating the TEDA Guoan super match, Scolari also did not relax, led all the way to the finals. Scola.相关的主题文章: