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Arts-and-Entertainment OVERVIEW -The threesome Analog Atlantic (also know as AA) are the worst Pacific Digital tribute band ever to walk the earth. AA has all but destroyed the memory of Pacific Digital. While Pacific Digital was a neat smooth jazzy garage rock band, AA is messy, uneven, uptight, bedroom, salsa outfit. In fact AA is more of an anti-Pacific Digital band. MEMBERS – The members of Analog Atlantic are singer Doug Smith; drummer Mike Jones; and on keyboards it is Jimmy Johnson. Former members of AA include the guy who does the voice for Chester the cheetah from the Cheetos .mercials, Fred Smith, and former National Basketball Association all-star forward Xavier McDaniel. A recent AA show in Atlanta featured a guest appearance by Brian Williams from the Beach Boys. BACKGROUND – Unlike Pacific Digital, Analog Atlantic does not have a storied history. While Pacific Digital was formed at a summer camp for runaway dogs, AA was formed one day in Kansas City, Kansas after a middle-school band practice. Their favorite TV show is Friends and Doug, Mike and Jimmy often perform in costume dressed as Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox. AA’s favorite foods are pizza, burgers and fried chicken. Their favorite way to order a hamburger at McDonalds is "no pickles." Unlike Pacific Digital, Atlantic Analog enjoys standing on staircases and sitting or standing on railroad tracks. Doug, Mike and Jimmy also love to knit each other sweaters. INFLUENCES and PERFORMANCES – AA has many influences besides Pacific Digital . AA’ s primary influences include The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Tito Puente. A typical Atlantic Analog set-list will include rock, pop, salsa and electronic music. AA has performed in New York City, Atlanta, Coral Springs and Studio City. AA has also scheduled up.ing performances in Austin, Chicago and Springfield. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: