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F -20 debut Chinese air from the Russian far worse yesterday, the eleventh session of the Chinese airshow opened in Zhuhai. The show there are 11 categories of more than 160 core aviation products and systems show, 63 of them to display 57 items on display for the first time. Some domestic and foreign fans are very concerned about the models also joined the show, which has been with a mysterious aura China a new generation stealth fighter – 20 debut. The so-called outsiders to watch, experts see road. The minimum radius of 180 degrees F -20 cyclotron performance, pilot technology is indeed worthy of praise, but more important is that this action is very high on the engine requirements. The new aircraft is difficult to debut, indicating that the Chinese air force has broken through the stall tail spin this troubled domestic delta wing fighter death trap, thrust vectoring engine technology is no longer a problem. Many people do not understand the f -20 possible. The -20 is a new generation of stealth fighter developed by Chinese aviation industry group. In January 2011, the first fighter -20 demonstrator in Chengdu first flight, and caused great concern at home and abroad, many military enthusiasts will be the fighter named "black four generation machine, nicknamed" black ribbon". A person, there will be f -20 par American F-22 fighter production. The breakthrough of the expression of -20 in the core technology breakthrough, restricting the stealth performance of pneumatic, electronic materials, machinery, etc.. It can rely on its real-time sensor network situation and enjoy battlefield information; financial network system and bonding technology breakthrough, can help the f -20 and other advanced equipment together, effectively enhance the combat effectiveness of the air fleet, doubling to achieve air force "". It can be said that with the continuous improvement of the development of J -20 batch production and follow-up to f -20 as the representative of a variety of new aircraft, the air force will give Chinese revolutionary progress, leading the Chinese air force into the era of stealth". However, all kinds of new aircraft than the airshow to stimulate the eye more concern is the function of Chinese air combat system and the construction of complete air system. At present, the air command system in early warning aircraft as the center, with large transport aircraft, long-range bombers, air refueling to enter service, China have all the coastline, inland and the Asia Pacific region a comprehensive part of the air. Obviously, in the air force and air capability development, China progress more and more, but must be clear is: rational and respect for the objective laws, is the proper attitude towards Chinese aerial ability construction. Aerial ability construction is a complicated system engineering, is extremely tight, to achieve a fundamental breakthrough must go through profound accumulation. Whether it is supporting facilities, operational experience accumulation, system integration and adjustment, professional personnel and core technology breakthroughs can not be achieved overnight, the need for a long time to accumulate. We need to be confident, but more patriotic and national sentiment, also can not ignore the existence of objective laws of aerial power generation. Technical basis and experience China lack of development of the fifth generation fighter, the f -20 debut, to enhance the China air capability, it is just the first step. With the United States F-22 fighter repeatedly put into combat in stark contrast to the new Chinese war.相关的主题文章: