Erdos, a city in Western China, advocates living in a creative way-huangshexiaoshuo

The western city of Erdos Chinese advocated "creative life" – Beijing, Beijing Erdos on 25 August, (reporter Li Aiping) 25 evening, aimed at advocating the "life and creative life" in the first Ordos creative international creative culture and creative life colorful conference? Week (hereinafter referred to as the colorful creative life week) at the opening of the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Ordos. As one of Erdos international Nadamu activities, the "creative" event has been highly concerned about the official and the folk. Erdos official, colorful creative life week includes music scene interactive area, leisure area, custom sports interactive art creative leisure area, experience area and creative technology interactive area five main activity area. Figure for the creative life week launch scene Li Aiping photo reporter saw in the music scene interactive area, the scene that night here on the upsurge of Mongolian dance performances, music performances, Ordos short tone folk song off, the western city of Chinese completely nightlife has become "flavor". In the interactive sports leisure area, the reporter found that five Shiatsu sheet is set by the organizers at the runway fixed within the region, participants dressed in a wig, glasses and other creative fun props running game, attracted the audience’s attention. Some people said that the Olympic Games just ended soon, held such activities, interesting. The most interesting thing is to set up the graffiti area in the interactive area of art creation. In the graffiti area, some children not only can install 3D to graffiti stickers, but also in the hundred meters long scroll painting in "prairie" and "creative" and "dream" as the theme of the painting activities, to understand the Ordos every little bit from the child’s eyes. The picture shows the creative life week to start the scene Li Aiping photo in addition, with the VR technology continues to mature and improve, with the concept of 3D lens to see the world is gradually popular. In a diameter of creative technology interactive area layout of 8 meters of the dome theater, let many people andpraise zhikua high-tech magic. Local people Liu Jun told reporters that the official hold of this rich and unique creative life, so that after the monotonous night life, with a new color. This embellishment of the creative life, people will become the hearts of the stretch, which is a way of life in the future. Erdos municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Chen Xi said in an interview with reporters, the first international conference Ordos creative culture? Colorful creative life Week held, is one of the important measures for the economic transformation of the city Erdos. "It is worth mentioning that the five" interactive "from Home Furnishing close to the residents living and entertainment to high-end scientific and technological achievements exhibition, both professional and creative enthusiasts, ordinary people or groups, can be found in rich fun activities." Chen Xi said. (end)相关的主题文章: