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UnCategorized The entrepreneur is someone with an uncanny ability to spot hidden opportunity in a business. Entrepreneurship also involve snooping around for profitable opportunities in an existing business, whether it’s buoyant or in a state of ailment. Buying over an existing business : The benefit for investing in an existing business is not only because it may guarantee ‘ready-made’ customers, but possessing existing infrastructures and credibility and run low-cost investment outlay. However, before this good news can take you to the bank, consider these four factors to point you to the right direction. Do you have a prior knowledge or interest in the business? Having some level of knowledge or interest to learn the intricacies of the business you desire to acquire will put you in a powerful position to run it. For example, if you’d worked for a city-wide restaurant, then buying a similar business will definitely give you edge than a furniture .pany. On the other hand, there’re many smart entrepreneurs known to successfully bought and run businesses vastly different from their primary domain. However, don’t take this route until you have garnered enough experience. Why do the existing owners want to sell? This crucial question must be settled even if you discover you will able to launch it into a new profits stratosphere. With diligence, find out if the existing owner decides to ‘run away’ over credibility brouhaha, how and with whom. For example, if the .pany owes bank, can you pay off the debt without hurting your investment? Or if there is a bad record with customers, find out the possibility of stirring their hearts to accept the .pany after you assume responsibility. Plan how you will reposition the business. This involves injecting freshness into the business in the areas of marketing, sales, PR, and branding. Also consider if you must write a new feasibility study or just a marketing plan. Or simply go with the existing plan and only add few ideas here and there. Would you want to consider online outlook or vice-versa? In case the business you’re planning to buy over is a ‘brick and mortar’ business, the next appropriate question you get sharp answer to is: "Would I expand this business through online resources or simply remain offline?" Finally I don t want to say that creating a new business is definitely more secured than having some risk buying established business, I just want you to do a small check list before buying an established business save you any hassles in future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: