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Egg shaped UAV can fly? Zhen di 7888 yuan push consumer level UAV – Sohu technology intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | April August 29th news, the original industry UAV Zhen Di brand launched its first consumer PowerEgg UAV, the shape of egg shaped products closed state, the approximate size of football. According to reports, the product is equipped with a 4K ultra high-definition aerial camera, three axis stabilization platform, retractable tripod to achieve 360 degrees without shelter shooting. Products will be raised on the public in September 1st Jingdong, the domestic price of 7888 yuan. Structure: egg shape design can fly? The reason why the use of spherical design, mainly to take into account portability, integration of the structure allows the user to carry a specific storage box, Zheng Weifeng. Before departure, initiated by the body of the buttons or the remote control, four machine arm and PowerEgg folding blade can be expanded, in addition, the three axis 4K pan tilt camera out at the bottom of the fuselage. At this point, PowerEgg panorama to show, the shape of water droplets, black and white. Flying time is 23 minutes. According to Zheng Weifeng introduction, limited to the type of design and transportation restrictions, to reach the life time is more difficult. In flight, the four rotor PowerEgg open, upright body so that the lower center of gravity, there is no electric multi rotor anti torque, reduce the risk of capsizing encounter in flight, which gives the user a more secure flight experience. Compact design of egg shaped PowerEgg fully folded, not only allows users to save the tedious process of flight before installation and disassembly, but also greatly reduces the damage probability of UAV components caused by improper installation and disassembly, so as to better avoid the occurrence of flight accident. According to reports, the overall design of the PowerEgg contains more than 100 combinations of patents. Two, control: rocker type separation and control of flight, can be achieved by supporting the professional remote control, remote sensing handle handle two ways. Game handle remote control handle and Wii similar, are arranged on the surface of the arrow keys to control the direction of flight, used to control the tilt angle of the rocker, and head no general model, adding the joystick, separate control PowerEgg can be realized and the head of the body. In addition, the rocker is provided with uniform increase, self timer, key function keys return. Analysis of the UAV products on the market, mainly by mobile phone, iPad and other mobile devices as an auxiliary control, or selection of watches, wristbands and other fixed parts, or directly to the mobile terminal App as the main control modes. The use of somatosensory remote control, which is the first UAV products. Talking about this, Zheng Weifeng gives his own consideration, at this stage, relying on the mobile side of the Wifi transmission can not achieve a good control, somatosensory handle easier to use". According to Zheng Weifeng introduction, the use of the technology to ensure the maximum transmission distance of 5 km PowerEgg ultra long distance video image transmission. If it can be achieved, the performance parameters will be higher than the vast majority of the market the same uav.相关的主题文章: