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Health There are various interesting online programs for muscle building for the busy executives.Do they work? Are they scams? There is a 7 minute a day, 23 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day, so many minutes a day online programs for muscle building for the busy executives that claim wonders. The trick is, these programs are not designed for executives who only want to pop a pill, lose the weight, then pop another pill to gain the muscles. Not only is this very dangerous to the heart, but once the pill popping stops, the body gets back the weight lost and doubles or triples. The secret to muscle building is to work out. And sticking to that workout program. Another secret is the diet. Again, there is no end to the change of lifestyle advice. If you cannot stop putting poisons inside the body, then don’t bother. You are like to keel over anyway because that is what nicotine does, it kills. If it doesn’t kill you slowly through cancer, then it will kill you instantly as in strokes and heart attacks. Unfortunately, the highest cause of death for busy executives is because of the heart attack and the strokes. And why is that? Because of the lifestyle, that is why. Again, back to the basics of healthy living and diet and exercise. There are pills out there that cause muscle build ups but everybody knows that this is very dangerous as they can shock the system. Not only that, the side effects are too numerous to relate. The point is, these pills will not only build the muscles, but they will also cause heart attacks as well. The dangers of being a busy executive are the sedentary exercises, if it is called an exercise. The most muscles used would be the arm and the fingers, the mouth muscles to talk endlessly to seal the contracts, the brain ‘muscle’ that works overtime to make things possible. Muscle building for the busy executive can only be achieved through diet and exercise.Nothing else. If there were any other way, then it is called science fiction. It is not necessary that it can be implemented only by the busy executives, in fact it is like beneficial tips for everyone who desire to be muscular man. So all the things mentioned above will prove fruitful in the case when it is to be implemented in the sequential manner. Copyright (c) 2010 Nick Clipton About the Author: 相关的主题文章: