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Eat egg can lose weight? Pregnant mother goose to eat good fetal? – maternal pregnant women to eat goose goose benefits Sohu is a nutritional supplement, good for pregnant women is rich in protein, pregnant women eat goose, the nutrients will be absorbed by the body, on fetal growth and development is very favorable, we have the following specific look at what the nutritional value of eggs. With rich nutrition, 1 egg, such as protein, fat, minerals and vitamins etc.. Contains 2 protein, egg, the largest and most important is the protein in egg white protein and egg yolk in vitellin. Protein is rich in the human body must be a variety of amino acids, is a complete protein, easy digestion and absorption of the human body. 3, and most of the fat concentrated in the yolk, contains more lecithin, about half of them have a major role in lecithin, these components of the human brain and nerve tissues. 4, the main minerals contained in the egg yolk, more iron, phosphorus and calcium content, is easily absorbed by the body. 5, eggs are also rich in vitamins, rich in vitamin A, D, E, riboflavin and thiamine in egg yolk protein, the vitamin riboflavin and niacin are necessary these vitamins is the body’s vitamin. Pregnant women to eat goose benefits: first child skin better, not easy to suffer from skin diseases, scientists compared the egg and egg and duck’s egg, found that compared to other eggs, the nutritional value of the goose up several times, and the effect is very obvious. Goose egg white with dispelling heat, but also can treat acne, so pregnant women in the postpartum period and during pregnancy the goose egg, the future is not easy to children suffering from skin diseases, and the child’s skin will be getting better and better, delicate and smooth. Second: enhance memory study found that during pregnancy and confinement during taking egg can effectively enhance memory. Due to the relationship of pregnancy, many women’s body changes more sensitive and the surrounding environment has become more sensitive, so prone to depressed mood and memory decline. To alleviate the symptoms, so the egg and sugar stir after the break, when fasting every morning, eating a steamed egg, can enhance memory effectively, and also can keep have good ears and eyes. Third: the egg contains a lot of amino acid supplementation in maternal need of various amino acids and vitamins, riboflavin and thiamine, and various minerals content is also very rich. These materials have a very important role for the normal operation of the body, while other food is rich in these nutrients, but the amino acid is completely contained in the egg and belongs to protein, minerals and vitamins are stored in egg yolk, very easy to be absorbed by the body, can obtain the maximum the body of nutrition. So, the postpartum period and during pregnancy are able to take the goose. However, special attention is needed, although on the body is very a goose.相关的主题文章: