E rent treasure case has concluded its investigation involved in the recovery of assets worth more t-solid converter

"E rent treasure case has concluded its investigation involved in the recovery of assets worth more than 10 billion – Beijing in the unified command of the Ministry of public security, by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of investigation of the" e rent treasure case has ended in August 14th investigation. At present, the police freeze funds involved more than 10 billion yuan, the seizure of cash equivalent to about 300 million yuan, about 18.7 grams of gold products, real estate, jewelry, equity, vehicles, helicopters, office supplies and a number of property involved. Related reports: Beijing: "e rent treasure case transferred to prosecutors for investigation and prosecution of Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate official website released a" crime suspect unit Yucheng International Holdings Group Limited and the suspect Ding Ning et al the crime of illegal fund-raising case against the victim right announcement ". The content of the announcement: crime units Yucheng International Holdings Limited on suspicion of the crime of fraud, crime suspect Ding Ning, Aman Chang, Peng Li, Yong Lei, Ding Dian, Hou Song, Xu Hui, Yang Hanhui, Liu Jingjing, Zhu Zhimin, Liu Man 11 people suspected of financial fraud, the suspect Xie Jie, Wang Zhihuan, Li Qianqian, Yang Chen, Yao Baoyan, Qi Songyan Yang Cuizhi, Zhang Chuanbiao, Liu Tiantian, Zong Jing, Wang Lei, Lu Tao, Zhang Ping, Ding Ruqiang, Gao Junjun, 15 people suspected of illegal absorbing public deposits crime case, by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Investigation prosecution, Beijing people’s Procuratorate on August 15, 2016 accepted the law. At the same time, the Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate first branch in People’s Republic of China according to the relevant provisions of the "Criminal Procedure Law", "e told rent treasure" case of the victim in the stage of review and prosecution have avoided, entrust agents ad litem, translation rights. Guangzhou e rental treasure case progress: 220 million yuan involved in the prosecution of a year and a half of the illegal funds to absorb funds of $about 50000000000, the victims of all over the country’s 31 provinces and cities in the province of…… "E rent treasure" by "Yucheng" under the Jin Yi Rong (Beijing) Network Technology Co. Ltd., is a once popular national Internet banking platform, the essence is the name of "high return and low risk under the banner of the Ponzi scheme. Last December, the Ministry of public security command of the public security organs unified action to implement the arrest of "chief executive of Yucheng department. Guangzhou branch of the relevant person in charge was subsequently arrested for criminal investigation. Reporters learned yesterday from the meeting the latest developments in the case. Case by the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Tianhe District branch investigation, has been moved to the Tianhe District people’s Procuratorate for examination and prosecution, the suspect has 9, the initial calculation of the amount involved reached RMB 220 million yuan.相关的主题文章: