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Health Food poisoning isn’t always the result of grossly unhygienic conditions. It can happen when a relatively minor flaw ends up resulting in contaminated food. Take for example under cooked ground beef. Since E Coli is present in a healthy cow it can easily get into beef products if due care is not taken. Although great care is taken to avoid this, some beef products such as ground beef are vulnerable. There are many other foods that can potentially carry E Coli. Some are, non-pasteurized milk, leafy green vegetables such as spinach, juice, salami and sprouts. Unclean water is another source of E Coli poisoning. Since the list contains several items that we eat or drink routinely there is a constant risk of poisoning taking place. And whenever we eat at a place that does not employ the highest standards of food safety and hygiene we are at risk of food poisoning. Normally the E Coli should get destroyed during the cooking but in the case of undercooked food the E Coli may not be completely destroyed and the person eating the food can be a victim of food poisoning. It is clear therefore that food poisoning is a real threat and one must take care to prevent it and also know about the symptoms such as E Coli symptoms so that in the event food poisoning does occur remedial action is take at the earliest. In most cases full recovery is possible if the E Coli poisoning is detected early and remedial action is take. The E Coli symptoms are abdominal cramps and diarrhea which can be bloody. The diarrhea can cause dehydration if due care is not taken. Though in the vast majority of the cases timely treatment will lead to a full recovery in a small number of cases serious complications that are life threatening can occur. Therefore the incidence of E Coli poisoning should not be taken lightly at all and if one notices an E Coli symptom one should act with urgency and seek medical help. The old and the very young are more vulnerable and run a greater risk of facing serious problems caused by the poisoning. You can know more about E Coli poisoning at .foodpoisoning… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: