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Drops behind the backing of 40 institutions is no longer the pure software taxi drops, immediately behind the backing of God | 40 institutions, drops changed, is no longer the "simple" taxi software according to incomplete statistics, the investment community, and with the drops fast, Uber Chinese won the 18 round of financing, involving an amount of approximately $15 billion, involving nearly 40 institutional investors, drops is the only one at the same time the BAT investment company. Such a huge amount of investment and strong capital camp in Chinese unprecedented, is rare in the world. Author Li Lihua | August 1, 2016, China largest mobile travel travel company announced the acquisition of Chinese yuho drops, this is so far the Chinese Internet market with the largest mergers and acquisitions, and to promote the 4 years before the establishment of the online taxi business valuation reached $33 billion 500 million, more than the Jingdong, NetEase, has the possibility of being China further that the Internet after BAT the fourth pole. From the money to hire a taxi, almost to dominate the network about the car market, behind the Chengwei myth, 4 year old drops from what the support of its $33 billion 500 million valuation? Acquisition of Uber China has been 44 days, the new "drops Empire" what happened? Taxi software behind the huge industrial empire rise many people might think that they will hear almost every day in the "bit, starting immediately behind the tender tips", drops of ambition does not stop a taxi software, a huge industrial empire is quietly rising. From the APP page drops, drops has been on the line, ride, express, taxi, car, bus, drive, driving on behalf of the 7 business lines, almost covers the field of travel several lines of business. In addition, the drops is currently involved in the business idea of its future business blueprint can be divided into travel services, Internet banking, car related services and network services 4 business lines: 1, travel business: the drive outside the 6 business, the drops also provide access to Ctrip, train and air tickets travel service, through a variety of products covering all segments of the market, to meet the different scenarios of travel demand. You can imagine the future may have drops of the plane, the emergence of drops cruise. 2, Internet Banking: according to the official website of drops of information display, in 2015, a total of 1 billion 430 million completed orders in order to complete the order in May 2016 to break through the order of, after the merger with Uber will greatly increase. Such a large volume, has spawned a strong demand for payment. Although WeChat and Alipay to pay investors access drops of Tencent and Ali seems to have reached a win-win situation, but profit driven drops into the third party payment is justifies thing, there is news recently broke by being low-key looking to buy payment license. Automotive Finance, in March of this year, the establishment of the public wealth of the lease, the registered capital of 1 billion yuan, Cheng Wei personally as a legal representative, operating financial leasing, guarantees and other services. In addition, the drops also cooperate with the investor of China Merchants Bank quietly on the line of credit card function, can apply for bank card in the joint drops drops. 3, after the car related theory相关的主题文章: