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Driverless cars can make people into a new era? Original title: driverless cars can let the human race into a new era? Author: Zhang Tiankan source: public, "Zhang Tian Kan" American taxi software company launched in September 14th yuho driverless car passenger service in the United States, Pittsburgh road test run, became the first to launch unmanned vehicle passenger company. The same day, 4 models for Ford Fusion driverless cars appeared on the streets. They are equipped with multiple cameras, GPS and radar systems and other sensors to detect weather and road conditions, driving passengers on complex and changing roads in Pittsburgh. Driverless car is only the human machine to work for their own mode of further development, it is the essence of artificial intelligence (AI) will be part and most of the replacement of the work. In this year Alfa beat dog human players and unmanned vehicle passenger success as a symbol of new era, people have entered the artificial intelligence, but also an important part of the human sixth technological revolution. There is no doubt that this time will only make people’s life more and more beautiful and convenient, despite this change there are a lot of problems need to be solved, and will inevitably encounter large or small trouble and bad. As early as in 1957, the scientific and technical personnel on unmanned vehicle brake control system to explore, trying to solve the safety problem of unmanned vehicles. After several decades of research in this area has emerged, the U.S. Nvidia Corp (NVIDIA Corporation), and now the advanced technology center yuho and Carnegie Meilong University, the two together to create artificial intelligence (unmanned) driving system, and the success of the trial operation. No matter what the company’s driverless software should be equipped with a device like a visual eye and superior eyes and like a human brain or superior brain response speed and analysis ability to command the command center for the car (machine brain). The main structure comprises at least one wide-angle lens, a video error correction unit, a 360 degree video synthesis unit, an image recognition unit and a driving auxiliary unit. In order to obtain the real scene with a wide-angle camera, video error correction unit is used for acquiring video data from wide-angle camera and error correction, 360 degree video synthesis unit to obtain from the last stage of the video for the synthesis of panoramic video, image recognition unit of the synthesized image recognition (intelligent analysis, identify the obstacles for pedestrians, vehicles etc.). Finally, the driver assistance unit guides and assists the driver in accordance with the identified data, and uses the vehicle navigation system for unmanned driving. Artificial intelligence for driving a car to go through many stages of automatic driving to unmanned, now yuho company launched unmanned vehicle passenger service has proved that artificial intelligence has spanned multiple stages which, from automation to driver assistance, automatic and conditional automation and fully automated in 5 stages. This latter stage is unmanned. Driverless car or no driving structure, no steering wheel, pedals, rearview mirror, even if the car is out of the question, but also through the remote control method of intervention and Hao相关的主题文章: