Dong Li Arale left audience with a

Dong Li, you left the audience a dilemma because of force and Lalei Dong, "Daddy where 4" pushed to the opinion in the teeth of the storm. Dong Li is the National Fencing Team of male athletes, Arale is a three year old half girl, they are "Daddy where the 4" in the composition of the internship, daughter worked together with several other groups of guests. Because in the clip out of the content, there are some intimate actions and words, many experts related to early childhood education as well as part of the audience, the program group criticized. There are a lot of love for this practice and "the audience said, to use the normal state of mind to look at, don’t think of too many, the simple things like complex. Social media on Dong force Arale controversy on two extremes, the majority did not participate in the "debate" of the audience in a dilemma. Think Dong force Arale of this "practice and" emotional normal, face their aesthetic "abnormal" in question, "are you willing to his three year old daughter to participate in this program" in the face of such problems, to hesitate a; if you feel those actions and words of intimacy is not suitable for the emergence and spreading you will feel a little, not enough good Big deal, mind to look at things. Why is this part of the audience will face such a dilemma, the cause of the problem is not Arale Dong itself, but in the whole social media entertainment consciousness, have entered a chaotic, fanatical, dull state. Look at those with Dong Arale opinion related keywords: force CP, child dog, dog food, sugar, sweet pet, Lolita…… These are the social media popular words composed of those emotional slobber, emotional words slobber pink tide, suddenly rushed to a web micro-blog message, suddenly rushed to a man-made Festival topic group, everywhere, like locusts too wild, all relationships can be a bug with these the network language, until the rising consumer enthusiasm fever, will be transferred to another person or event. The so-called "single culture", maintained a strong attitude toward an incomprehensible direction. If the program group in the production and editing process, also deliberately to cater to this network trend, that is the problem of the program group, not for ratings and subject to emotional expression and a low-end "conspiracy". But if the program group as its statement said, on a beautiful, pure emotion, so why people cannot find, feel, and bless this emotion, but to look with suspicion? This happens, in addition to experts from a professional point of view, to give you advice, I’m afraid more people out of concerns, worried about the program will bring some bad influence to the child, so the criticism mentioned in the "possibility", choose the prefer to believe them attitude. On the surface, there is disagreement on Arale and Dong, deep reflection, is we have disagreements on the word "good". In the past, too many public events, because of a reversal, "good things back", usually hidden in a can not see the light of the dark side. Under repeated training experience, we".

董力阿拉蕾留给观众一个两难选择   因为董力和阿拉蕾,《爸爸去哪儿4》被推到了舆论的风口浪尖上。董力是国家击剑队男运动员,阿拉蕾是一个三岁半女孩,他们在《爸爸去哪儿4》中组成了“实习父女”,与其他几组嘉宾共同参与拍摄。因为在被剪辑出来的内容中,出现了一些亲昵动作与言辞,有不少与幼儿教育相关的专家以及部分观众,对节目组提出了批评。也有不少喜欢这对“实习父女”的观众表示,要用正常的心态来看待,不要过多联想,把简单的事情想复杂了。   社交媒体上关于董力阿拉蕾的争议走上两个极端,这把大多数没有参与“论战”的观众置于两难境地。觉得董力阿拉蕾这对“实习父女”的情感正常,就要面对自己审美“不正常”的质问,在“你愿意自己三岁的女儿参加这样的节目吗”这样的问题面前,要踌躇一番;如果觉得那些亲昵的动作与言辞不适宜出现和传播,则会觉得有点小题大做,不能够用美好的心态去看待事情。为什么这部分观众会面临这样的尴尬,问题的根源不在于董力阿拉蕾本身,而在于整个社交媒体上的娱乐意识,都进入了一个混乱、狂热、无趣的状态。   试看那些与董力阿拉蕾有关的舆论关键词:CP、虐狗、发狗粮、发糖、甜宠、萝莉……这些就是当下社交媒体盛行的情感口水词,由这些情感口水词组成的粉红潮流,忽而涌到某网络红人的微博留言里,忽而涌到某个人造节日的话题群中,所到之处,如蝗虫过野,把一切情感关系,都能用这些网络语言进行一番狂轰滥炸,直到高涨的消费热情退烧,才会转移到另外一个人物或事件中去。所谓的“单身文化”,保持着某种强势的姿态,正在朝着一个令人难以理解的方向狂奔。   如果节目组在制作和剪辑过程中,也刻意迎合这股网络潮流,那就是节目组的问题,不能为了收视率和话题,来与一种低端的情感表达方式实现“共谋”。但假若节目组真如其声明所言,是在强调一种美好、单纯的情感,那么为什么人们不能发现、感受,且祝福这种情感,反而要用质疑的眼光去看待?发生这种状况,除了专家要从专业角度,给出自己的建议外,更多人恐怕还是出于一种担忧,担心节目会给孩子带来一些不好的影响,于是对批评声音中所提到的“可能性”,选择了宁可信其有的态度。   表面上看,人们是对董力阿拉蕾产生了分歧,而深层面地反思,则是我们对“美好”这个词有了分歧。在以往太多的公众事件中,因为一次次的反转,“美好”事物的背面,通常藏着一个不能见光的阴暗面。在反复的经验训练之下,我们对“美好”普遍有了警惕心,遇到美好的人或事,第一反应是怀疑,怀疑是不是炒作,怀疑自己会不会被利用,整个社会充斥着疑虑不安的心态,已经丢失了遇到事情好好说话与讨论的能力……具体到董力阿拉蕾这里来,当有人以保护之名,叙说种种猜测的可能性时,里面的想象与用词,何尝不是在给这个三岁的孩子造成伤害。   父母要慎重决定让自己的孩子参加综艺节目,综艺节目在制作过程中要慎重考虑情节设置,把不该发生的争议,在内容呈现方面就消弭掉,而社会舆论也不要被寄生于社交媒体上的低智言论引领,动辄就是道德大棒。对于董力阿拉蕾,我们似乎应该更多地去发现美好,反思究竟是谁在制造不健康的情感表达方式,能不能够用理性的心态来判断那些被情绪与流行词包裹的事物真相,这才是成年人该做的事情。相关的主题文章: