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Arts-and-Entertainment Water is a precious .modity and the water resources in Australia are rapidly depleting. On top of that, the country is facing a water crisis caused by a long spell of drought. In such a scenario, it important to store whatever water is available so that it can be used during the summer season. One of the best ways to save water is by investing in domestic water tanks Melbourne that are available in a variety of sizes. The most important aspect of water tanks is that they will ensure proper usage of water during the lean season or drought. According to a report released by Melbourne water, the residential water use is around 254 gigalitres annually, which is approximately 64litres per person per day. The non-residential water use including factories, schools, businesses, and hospitals is around 99 gigalitres. The non-revenue water use especially by fire fighters and water fountains is approximately 42 gigalitres each year. The consumption is only expected to increase in the near future and the only way to save water is by installing rain water tanks Bendigo, Geelong, Warrnambool, Horsham, Traralgon, Shepparton, and Ballarat among others. How to choose your water tank: It is definitely not an easy process when it .es to choosing an industrial or domestic water tanks Melbourne because of the wide variety of tank sizes available. If you are planning to invest in water tanks then it will be easier to choose the right tank for your home or office if you consider the following aspects: 1) Size versus Usage: The size of your family or work force matters! If you are a family of four people living in a house that requires watering the garden, washing cars, laundry, and toilets then the average consumption can vary from 20 50 liters per day. This will translate to 600 1500 liters per month. Depending on your water consumption, you can choose to go with rain water tanks Bendigo that have a capacity varying from 1300 2000 liters. If it is for .mercial or industrial usage then the capacity needs to be higher. Industrial water tanks Melbourne is available in capacities of 5000 to 10,500 liters and above. You can calculate your water usage by taking into account the following usage parameters: Bathroom Kitchen Laundry Lawn or garden Car or boat Pool There is several water usage calculators available over the internet that will help you find out the exact or approximate usage of your household per day or per month. An example of such calculation is as follows: Do you have a dual flush toilet? If your answer is YES then household use would be: 5 litres x 35 (flushes per week) x (the total number of people in the household) If your answer is NO then household use would be: 11 litres x 35 (flushes per week) x (the total number of people in the household) 11 litres of water is used by the traditional single flush toilets 2) Type of materials: Domestic water tanks Melbourne are available in a range of materials including flat rolled or corrugated metal, synthetic materials like Polyethylene, geotextile, and PVC, Concrete, fibreglass, and eco friendly materials. Eco friendly materials are most .monly re.mended as they are recyclable and environment friendly. These tanks have smaller carbon footprints as .pared to PVC or poly rain water tanks. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: