Domestic new Audi A4L listing price 29.98-41.28 million (video)-verbal jint

Domestic new Audi A4L listing price of 29.98-41.28 million in September 10, 2016, the domestic new Audi A4L (reference, pictures, inquiry) officially listed in Shanghai, the new car price of 29.98-41.28 yuan. Domestic new Audi A4L launched six models, are equipped with the third generation EA888 2.0T engine (high and low power options). Domestic new Audi A4L is still the main route of science and technology, based on the new platform to build, the latest family design, equipped with a new power system, it will have to make a strong opponent of terror. The new Audi A4L official guide price models the official guide price 40 TFSI aggressive 299 thousand and 800 yuan 339 thousand and 800 yuan 40 TFSI fashion type 40 TFSI fashion (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) type 368 thousand and 800 deputy general manager of 40 yuan 372 thousand and 800 yuan 45 TFSI sports TFSI Quattro fashion type 408 thousand and 800 yuan 45 TFSI Quattro sport 412 thousand and 800 yuan of domestic new Audi A4L China First Automobile Group Corporation Qin (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Mr. Huan Ming Qin Huanming said: the future of FAW Volkswagen and Audi will have the following three aspects: Deepening the cooperation value chain localization, the development of new energy vehicles and promote Internet traffic. The chairman of the board of management of Audi Ag (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Stadler (click to view the latest news figures) Professor Stadler: Audi Brand Summit is a new way to display, it can show Audi’s leading science and technology, the Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai for a month’s time, I hope a variety of new technologies, can let more people know Audi digital, sustainable, city, is Audi’s focus on the development of the three. FAW – director of FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co, general manager Zhang Pijie (click to view the latest news figures) Mr. Audi AG, the board of management of marketing and sales director Feng Derui (see figures in the latest news) Dr. FAW – Volkswagen Audi sales department general manager Ren Si Mr. Feng Derui and Ren Siming: after nine generations change, continuous improvement, A4L has reached 12 million units in global sales, has become the best ever A4 models. Host Yang Lan China men’s table tennis team head coach Liu Guoliang and Rio Olympic Games men’s singles champion Malone came to the conference site famous singer Ku Kui Kei live Ku Kui Kei and Li Quan live performances conference grand conference event editor comments: the new Audi A4L a number of innovative technology is amazing enough? Whether all the LCD instrument or the new MMI are attractive enough to make you stop playing together. Although in sports is still with the BMW 3 Series (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) a slight gap, and create a luxurious atmosphere and no Benz C (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) as the ultimate do, but on the integrated products, it can be said to be the top three in the most comprehensive. From the price point of view, the current only 2.0T engine, the follow-up will launch lower displacement models, lower prices, with a higher price to fight for the market. Beijing auto show 2016.相关的主题文章: