Do not wear a skirt does not exercise writer 66 with traditional Chinese medicine by reducing

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Don’t wear skirts no movement   writer with 66 Chinese law lost 7 kg, Health Channel – original title: don’t wear skirts without sports writer with 66 Chinese law lost 7 kg recently, writer and screenwriter in 66 issued a document called the right with the teacher, the teacher will lose weight, with Chinese medicine. "Walking at the airport, carrying the box in his hand, suddenly the pants fall off……" She introduced hardly seems like what we didn’t do too profound to be understood: the combination of diet and guidance, but quickly off the shape of the "thin". Often self deprecating is easy fat physique of middle-aged women, 66 in the end is how to do, a month immediately lost 7 kg? First, she can eat and many. Even so, but the food is changed into a cup, bowl. Only eat a little, then eat. Good food is to keep temperature, slowly, not to the burden on the stomach. Second, do not eat cold. Summer also carry thermos cup to drink hot tea, do not hurt yang. She stressed that fat people is dampness, deficiency of Yang, transport is not good, then eat ice cold beer, not thin may. Especially watermelon, cold is too heavy, is the enemy. Third, do not wear a skirt. The traditional medicine believes that the fire is the source of life ", although the fire is not a good thing, but the" fire nonhoming ", does not mean that the total required cold discharge. Wearing a skirt that lower omissions, then living in air-conditioned rooms, the cold will find the body. With the guidance of it, is actually "what did", without movement, because the teacher is not allowed to sweat. It is in such a relaxed environment, she actually "miracle" unknowingly edema disappeared, people are light. "Guidance" is what kind of methods for the 66 mentioned in the "guidance", a kind of health care especially in ancient China respiratory movement and limb movement combination, as early as the spring and Autumn period, there is the "bear", "bird Shen" two bird play is its prototype. Professor, director of the Shanghai Institute of heritage, director of the Institute of medicine, Mr. Yan Yubing has said that the guidance law is a means of treating disease in China, a variety of stubborn, chronic diseases have a positive role in rehabilitation. In 70s, in Changsha unearthed in Mawangdui Han tomb paintings, is the earliest extant map of the world guide. Whether Hua Tuo the Daoyin induction three, the Ge Hong on nine kinds of guidance records, or guide book contained in the Tang Dynasty, and even appeared in the Song Dynasty, until now still retain the integrity of the eight section brocade, stresses the combination of inside and outside, the benefits of exercise. With modern scientific fitness respected by muscle, aerobic exercise, although the "guiding force" slightly soft, less sweating, but still in the influence of ancient wisdom for thousands of years. Want to lose weight to find out the physical, of course, traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight, not just rely on guide, Wuhan Union Hospital, Department of traditional Chinese medicine, Professor Tang Qing, deputy director of the Wuhan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Yi Yi ping. In ancient Chinese medical classics, the author believes that "the cream is more gas, the meat is more blood, the fat is less in serum and gas," which indicates the relationship between obesity and Qi and blood. Life, there are always some people are not easy to get fat, just like a lot of big stomach king is still very thin, and the other kind of people are "water is also long meat" type, from相关的主题文章: