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Beauty Cosmetic surgery is a popular form of plastic surgery. There is a lot of difference between cosmetic or plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. But, a plastic surgeon will have been trained to undertake both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. In fact, without getting trained in reconstructive surgery, a plastic surgeon can not do cosmetic surgery. Both cosmetic or plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery are intended to improve the appearance of people. Lifts and tucks are the processes used for doing these surgeries. Reshaping is also used in them. Whether one needs a cosmetic surgery or a reconstructive surgery will be determined by the reason and purpose of the treatment. The main difference between plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery is that plastic surgery is elective while reconstructive surgery need not be elective. The doctor may consider it as a medical necessity. Simply put, a doctor like Dr. Audrey Elizabeth Ahuero may recommend reconstructive surgery to improve the functionality of a part. But, the purpose of a plastic or cosmetic surgery is to improve the appearance only and there is no focus on functionality of the part involved. If you have a look at the profile or CV of Dr. Audrey Elizabeth Ahuero, you will understand that a Surgeon, after finishing the required training in General Surgery, has to learn Reconstructive Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery of both the face and the entire body before becoming a Plastic Surgeon. Originally, when plastic surgery was invented, the intention was to have it done for reconstructive purposes only but it has evolved tremendously over the years. Only in the early 20th century, it has become highly popular because advancements in these procedures are helping surgeons to use them for aesthetic purposes also. Plastic surgery now includes procedures that are less invasive also. But, if a person wants to have dramatic changes, it may involve a major surgery. Plastic surgeons like Dr. Audrey Elizabeth Ahuero may recommend liposuction for reducing the excess fat in people, for giving a face-lift or for having breast lift also. Young women use plastic or cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation without going in for breast implants. People may opt for cosmetic surgery for several reasons. But, before they opt for it, they should understand that as in the case of other surgeries, they may have to undergo some degree of trauma in plastic surgery also. Therefore, they should have a threadbare and frank discussion with a competent plastic surgeon like Dr. Audrey Elizabeth Ahuero and understand the trauma and the risks involved before giving their concurrence. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: