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Internet-Marketing The main motive of web directory submission is to fetch links for ones own website. Back links point or direct the visitors/customers back to your website. All the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc work on some of the back links that you have in your website and determine positions for your website for search enquiry. Hence, these are considered to be vital for your websites higher rankings on any search engine. Presently, we are familiar with two kinds of web directory submissions, namely automated web directory submission and manual web directory submission. Out of which, automated submission is much better and faster. However, it may sometimes be time consuming as few direcory sites do not accept automated submission method. You may find plenty of web directory submission websites online. Most of them follow almost same procedure for submission. Firstly, open the page of web directory, carefully select the category for which you would like to submit your link, select related sub category, and then submit your URL. However, you may also .e across a few web directory submission packages that depend upon the approved time duration; that could be Featured, Regular, and Regular with reciprocal. Higher the packages, the more are the chances for the URL to get submitted as soon as possible. Just remember you need to mention the following details: (1)Email Address: A valid e-mail address is required to get the submission report. (2)Web Site URLs: You can submit URLs of your homepage and sub-pages. The links you will get from these are called Deep links. (3)Titles: Titles are anchor text of your link that point to your URLs. This should be keyword enriched and should not be of more than 30-35 characters. (4)Descriptions: This is brief introduction of your website. Keywords should not be more than 100 to 120 characters. (5)Keywords: Keywords are those words/phrases which you want to key-in to optimize your website. After submission, you need to check confirmation emails from the directories. Then confirm by clicking on the link wherever necessary. Please note that every directory would not send an email after our submission. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: