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Press-Releases WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Leading adult and pediatric dermatologist in West Palm Beach, Dr. Barry Kuttner, is honored to have a team of talented specialists who speak English, Spanish and Creole. Integrated Dermatology and Dr. Barry Kuttner have taken great strides to accommodate every patient’s specific needs. When patients visit the office of Integrated Dermatology they are given the option to communicate in their preferred language. Dr. Kuttner and Integrated Dermatology pride themselves in maintaining an English, Spanish and Creole speaking practice/office to maintain open relations with their patients. "We are proud to maintain an office that incorporates such strong diversity. As integral parts of Integrated Dermatology we are happy to be a Spanish and Creole speaking practice. This allows us to open our lines of communication and interact with our patients more closely," said Dr. Barry Kuttner, dermatologist in West Palm Beach. In addition to being able to speak English, Spanish and Creole, Integrated Dermatology provides patients with an extensive education library. The vast library contains a host of valuable information about dermatology. From acne treatment to Mohs surgery in West Palm Beach, patients can look up information they need on the various areas of dermatological health care. The patient education library was created to further engage and inform patients on various dermatological procedures and treatments offered by this West Palm Beach Spanish speaking dermatologist. Serving patients in the West Palm Beach area, Dr. Kuttner and his qualified staff believe that educated patients are better equipped to make important decisions regarding the health of their skin. Dr. Barry Kuttner, West Palm Beach dermatologist, of Integrated Dermatology provides patients with the best in quality dermatological care available in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. Being a Spanish and Creole speaking office allows Dr. Kuttner and his experienced staff to showcase their commitment to providing patients with the top-of-the-line care and information. About Integrated Dermatology: Owned and operated by Dr. Barry Kuttner, Integrated Dermatology is committed to providing patients with the best in quality dermatological care. A board certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist, Dr. Kuttner is accompanied by board certified dermatologist Dr. Kathleen Herne and board certified physician assistant, Kristen Hafner providing the best in quality care available. Dr. Kuttner and his trusted team of specialists offer skin cancer treatment, Mohs surgery and acne treatment for quality care patients can trust. Media Contact: Dr. Barry Kuttner [email protected] [dot]com 1840 Forest Hill Blvd, Ste 102 West Palm Beach, FL 33406 561-964-6664 http://www.idwpb[dot]com About the Author: 相关的主题文章: