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Depositors 660 thousand yuan deposit stolen court sentenced bank full compensation – topic Author Information Times reporter Zhou Weilong bank card stolen brush, such news is common in newspapers. In March this year, the public in Guangzhou, Mr. Zhou’s home break, suddenly received a bank card consumer SMS, up to 66 yuan of the amount of consumption. Mr. Zhou first time realized that the card is stolen brush, he immediately take emergency measures, due to the illegal problem for compensation brush, Mr. Zhou and someone’s Bank of large differences, the two sides in court. In July, Mr. Zhou received a trial of Shenzhen Longgang district court verdict, found the cardholder does not bear the liability for the matter, someone’s bank shall compensate all depositors deposit losses and the corresponding interest, and compensate depositors rights lawyer fees. Reporters learned that the people’s Bank of appeal against the verdict, the case of the case pending trial. A bank card debit SMS less 660 thousand yesterday afternoon, said in the lawsuit itself, Mr. Zhou is very depressed. According to its introduction, he had to work in Shenzhen, in 2010 he handled a bank debit card, 2012 in a teller, because the card is not timely, automatic machine TUNKA, followed by Mr. Zhou to the bank to report the loss of the card, since then there has been the use of new savings card. March 13th at 10 am, Guangzhou, Nansha is home to the rest of the phone suddenly received a short message from the bank consumer, showing its savings card spending $669605. "I was really stupid, card on my side, how can the consumer, but also so a lot of money," Mr. Zhou said, aware of their own bank card may encounter fraudulent, he immediately find someone’s bank card, and take emergency measures. The first time to take emergency measures to preserve evidence and Mr. Zhou in the evening immediately call someone’s bank customer service telephone report, and drove to the nearest distance of the bank ATM machine to implement query operation and access to money and reserve the ticket, "when the ATM has shown the loss of state, then I hurried to the Nansha District border police station." After doing a comprehensive emergency measures, Mr. Zhou then communicate with someone else’s Bank, the refund of the full requirements. "Later found that money is the brush in Zhengzhou, my card in the body, it has nothing to do with me," Mr. Zhou believes that this new card your password is never lost, no leakage, and the stolen brush site does not have any relationship with their own, so he to this fraudulent the event should not assume any responsibility, "the bank said I didn’t have a signature on the back of the card, also have the responsibility, but what is the relationship with places fraudulent?" Due to fruitless negotiations, Mr. Zhou then someone’s Bank to court. First instance verdict: Bank compensation for all losses of depositors recently, after the Shenzhen District People’s Court of first instance verdict in Longgang. The reporter saw, in the judgment of the court held that this case is a debit card is a savings contract disputes, the legal relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant, the contract relationship between the two sides of the establishment and effective to the court before the end of the debate, the public security organs have not yet verified depositors may have embezzlement or direct any malicious collusion or other major consumer negligence suspects, and the bank there is no evidence to prove the theory of storage相关的主题文章: