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Hukou copper nine railway bridge waters sinking boat one death source: Jiujiang news, September 14, 2016 04 am, Poyang Lake Hukou copper nine railway bridge area occurred in the sinking boat, fishing boat caused by drowning two people, one people were rescued, one missing. Hukou County local maritime department, Hukou water police brigade after receiving the alarm, immediately rushed to the scene of the incident, carried out the search for missing persons and incident investigation. The rescued trowman Zhu reflect the incident and his wife Yang in the boat, his wife Yang fell into the water disappeared, and point out the 8169 round of the Xin Tai Long boat. The public security department immediately launched an investigation, and at 06:00 PM, in the Poyang Lake District of Gu Tang Lian waters suspected hit chuantai Long Xin 8169 round to intercept and control. Hukou County local marine department, Hukou Police Brigade, Hukou fishery sector organizations such as search and rescue forces search for missing persons, on the morning of September 16th in the Hukou Bay waters suspected missing bodies, the CSC public security confirmed the death, and the families of missing persons identified as yang. Hukou County maritime department also launched a comprehensive investigation and evidence collection work, from the current grasp of the evidence point of view, it can not be identified as the 8169 round of the Thai dragon boat accident, and did not master the clues of other ship trouble. At noon on September 16, 2016, the suspected ship was forced to escape by the 8169 round. Jiujiang local maritime bureau immediately to the Jiangsu along the Yangtze River, Taizhou maritime agency issued a "water traffic accident case investigation on suspicion of" book, the 8169 round of chuantai Long Xin escape investigation. At present, Hukou safety supervision, fishery administration, public security, maritime has set up a joint investigation team, the reason is under investigation.

湖口铜九铁路大桥水域发生渔船沉没事件 一人死亡   来源:九江新闻网   2016年9月14日04时许,鄱阳湖湖口铜九铁路大桥水域发生一起渔船沉没事件,造成渔船上两人落水,其中一人获救,一人失踪。湖口县地方海事处、湖口水上警察大队接警后,立即赶赴事发现场,开展失踪人员搜寻和事件调查工作。据获救的渔船船主朱某反映,事发时其本人和妻子杨某在船上,其妻杨某落水失踪,并指认泰长鑫8169轮为肇事船。海事、公安部门立即展开协查,并于06:00时许,在鄱阳湖濂溪区姑塘水域将涉嫌肇事船泰长鑫8169轮拦截并控制。   湖口县地方海事处、湖口水警大队、湖口渔政等部门组织搜救力量,对失踪人员进行搜寻,于9月16日上午在湖口金沙湾水域发现疑似落水失踪人员尸体,经长航公安确认死亡,并经家属确认为失踪人员杨某。   湖口县地方海事处同时展开了全面的调查取证工作,从目前掌握的证据来看,尚不能认定泰长鑫8169轮为肇事船,且未掌握其他船舶肇事线索。 2016年9月16日中午许,嫌疑肇事船泰长鑫8169轮擅自逃逸。九江市地方海事局当日立即向长江沿线、江苏泰州等海事机构发出《水上交通肇事逃逸案件协查书》,对嫌疑肇事船泰长鑫8169轮进行逃逸协查。   目前湖口安监、渔政、公安、海事已成立了联合调查组,原因正在调查之中。相关的主题文章: