Cui Yongyuan, Yang Kun and other stars have been suffering from depression secret recovery process-pigeon blood

Cui Yongyuan, Yang Kun and other stars have been suffering from the process of rehabilitation of depression – actor, singer,, recently suspected of accidental death due to depression caused widespread concern. According to WHO survey, at present there are at least 350 million patients with depression, the domestic estimate of about 90 million, entertainment stars live in a state of high pressure for a long time, but also a high incidence of depression. Actor Leslie Cheung, singer Chen Lin, actor Jia Hongsheng, Korean actor Lee Eun Joo, Hollywood star Heath, Robin Williams? Ledger? Because of depression and ended his life. Sherry, Nick Cheung, Britney Spears, Britney, Nicole, Kidman? "Mr Bean" also had a painful experience with depression, successfully overcome the disease, out of the shadows. Pay attention to disease treatment, Cui Yongyuan is no longer the depression in September 17th, was a depression in patients with Cui Yongyuan’s continuous update micro-blog, combined with his own experience, telling the patient friend, pay attention to condition with a good medical treatment, this is not a shameful disease. Cui Yongyuan said: "there are always full of poetry that depression is a cold heart. In fact, the disease is a disease, which is so romantic. Treatment of depression and treatment of other diseases are different: one is to recognize the disease, two is to find a good doctor, and the other is with the treatment, and the four is to prevent recurrence. My personal experience is that some public knowledge about depression is too little to know, and qualified doctors are also seriously inadequate." "How do I make sure I get depressed," wrote Cui Yongyuan, who knows how to get depressed This is one of the most asked questions, the correct answer is: you can not be sure, it is a professional doctor’s food. Well, when can I go to the doctor? Alas…… In fact, it is very common to see a psychologist in the developed countries. So, when you long time in anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, for nothing, people want to see social interest…… And you go shopping, travel, drink a little wine does not work, go to the doctor." By perseverance, Yang Kuncheng "depression" ambassador singer Yang Kun with hoarse voice in music has become an independent school, published the so-called "no", "that day", "Wrangler", "empty city" and other popular music. From about 2005, Yang Kun suffered from depression and was eventually diagnosed with moderate depression. Because of depression, Yang Kun suffered a full 6 years of suffering, the most serious almost every day to rely on imported drugs to maintain. For two years, Yang Kun suddenly disappeared from the public, can not work, can not sing, and even can not go out to face others. "When my parents do not understand me, they asked me:" when what is not all right, now what have we have so much pain? " I am the most sad when I do not go out for many days, although I do not want to commit suicide, but the mood is always low." "Depression is really terrible, always feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, tension, insomnia, confusion, often absent-minded." Yang Kun believes that people in the entertainment industry is more likely than the average person to get depression, because artists often have to bear a huge psychological gap, often after the glory of the taste of loneliness alone. He said that before the artist’s fame相关的主题文章: