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There is a stage which comes in our life, when we have to intoduce our child to mathematics. Indeed, it is one of the most difficult tasks. The greatest aids with this challenge are correctly selected books. All of us, parents, educators, teachers, would prefer to have such a books that are presented in an appealing and entertaining format, and invite children to take their first journey around the world of mathematics. People have studied mathematics since the beginning of time, because without it, they couldn’t grow crops or build houses capable of keeping out the elements. People need maths like they need the air they breathe. In the past, mathematics was the best, MOST IMPORTANT type of knowledge, and was respected and even idolized by most. Nowadays mathematics includes a great deal of universal knowledge which cannot always be applied to the practical work of a 5-8 year old child. But children today, just like children from a long time ago, need to understand the role of maths in everyday life, and need to include creative assimilation of the subject in their daily routine. The stories below have already helped many parents and teachers, and hopefully, will be useful for you too. Story on maths: How the Donkey Learned to Compare Mummy donkey had lots of things to do, so she left lunch out for her son. There was a watermelon on one plate, and three rosy apples on another. The young donkey soon became hungry and sat down at the table. ‘First I’ll eat the food which I have more of,’ the donkey thought. ‘I’ve got one watermelon, and three apples. So I’ll eat the apples first.’ ‘But the watermelon is heavier than the apples. So I’ll eat the watermelon first,’ the donkey thought, changing his mind. ‘Except the apples are sweet and red, and the watermelon is green. So I should eat the apples first,’ the donkey continued. ‘But the watermelon is sweet and red on the inside,’ the donkey remembered, as he looked at the huge fruit. The poor donkey didn’t manage to take a bite before mummy came back. ‘Mummy, I’m so hungry. I can’t decide whether I should eat the apples or the watermelon first,’ the little donkey sobbed. ‘Let’s eat lunch together, then I’ll teach you to compare the fruit properly,’ mummy said calmly, and she gave her son a sweet pear. Questions and tasks regarding this story on maths: If mummy had not come back, do you think the little donkey would have remained hungry? Draw different types of fruit and compare them in terms of weight and number. Make up examples and sums for comparing different types of fruit and vegetables. Second story on maths: How the fox and the crane compared brains Once upon a time, a fox went up to a crane and asked him: ‘Why do you only have two legs, poor creature?’ The crane counted the fox’s paws – one, two, three, four – and his beak fell open in surprise. ‘Goodness me, you don’t have a single tooth in your long beak, whereas I have huge jaws full of teeth!’ the fox said, and she opened her mouth to show off rows of gleaming teeth. The crane couldn’t even begin to count the fox’s teeth, but he could see she had lots and lots. He hung his head, and the fox continued to boast: ‘I have two ears, and you don’t have any. And you probably only have one brain in your head.’ ‘And how many brains do you have?’ the crane asked timidly. ‘One, two, three, four! That’s how many,’ the fox, who could only count to four, replied proudly. The crane was about to start crying, when suddenly he caught sight of a dog in the distance. He waved his two wings, flew up into the air and cried: ‘Quick, fox, there’s a dog running towards us!’ The fox had no time to duck out of the way, and the dog tore a tuft of fur from her tail. The crane was surprised, and thought to himself: ‘The fox has so many brains, yet she never thought to grow herself some wings.’ Questions and tasks regarding this story on maths: Why do you think the fox was boasting? Write down all the comparisons in the story. Do you think you can compare brains? About the Author: Lilia and Alexandra are educators, writers and caring parents. They love to share innovative ideas and tips on education, be it homeschooling or general education. To discover a new world of creative stories on school sciences, maths and healthy food, visit => Moral education and homeschooling Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: