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Writing-and-Speaking Everyone likes serving good food. The food of choice to serve is homemade food. Not everyone likes to cook, but for those that do, they not only want to serve good homemade food, they often want to create a recipe that they can truly call their own. Italian recipes are a good choice to do this with because there is room for flexibility in the recipe while still staying true to the Italian flavor. With this in mind, here is how you can personalize Italian recipes so that you can master it and call it your own. Start with one of your favorite Italian dishes that you enjoy eating. Remember to have fun even if this can be a time consuming project. FINDING ITALIAN RECIPES To begin with you are going to want to get a hold of as many different recipes for a single dish as you can possibly find. There are endless ways to go about doing this but the easiest way is through Inter. research. Looking through a variety of cookbooks is a popular way to find recipes. READ ITALIAN RECIPE REVIEWS Look at recipe review websites. Make sure that you read over all of the reviews for the recipes that you select. You will only want to work with those that have received rave reviews. Save the recipes that have positive reviews. Finding reviews online will make it easy to print out the recipe and the review. STOCK YOUR PANTRY AND REFRIGERATOR In order to stock up to get ready to cook, you will need to make a list and then go to the grocery store to get all of the different ingredients you will need for your new recipes. Of course, you will want to check your pantry first to see what you already have available to use so that you dont buy stuff that you dont need. Get enough to make try several recipes so you dont have to keep heading back to the store, especially if you are going to a specialty store. START AN ITALIAN RECIPE JOURNAL This is where you can write down all of your experiences as you work on the recipes. A notebook binder with pockets are good to put recipes you may have cut out in newspapers, magazines, or received by family or friends. Record what is said about your Italian dish that you make, so you can use that information to fine-tune the recipe if needed. Include any thoughts or problems you came up with while cooking your Italian food. TEST ITALIAN RECIPES Now you can go through and try each of the new recipes that you have collected. The first time you make an Italian dish, you will want to follow the directions of the recipe. Taste the different recipes. Family and friends may give you input. Take notes in your recipe journal of what you liked and didnt like. After you have tried a few different recipes for the same dish, you can start creating your own variation. MAKE CHANGES THAT YOU THINK WILL IMPROVE THE ITALIAN RECIPE Once you have tried the recipe you can add some of your own ingredients, change measurements, delete ingredients, and add your own style of cooking. Make notes on the changes so if it turns out fantastic, you can make it again and again. MASTER A DISH BEFORE SERVING FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION You may not want to tell anyone about this project until you have mastered the recipe. Of course, this is up to you to decide though. Try the recipe on family or co-workers before making it for a special occasion. When tasting the recipes youve collected, you may also want to eat some authentic Italian food to see how your cooking measures up. You can eat at an Italian restaurant like Mama Jennies Italian Restaurant. You may get ideas for your recipes and you can try new dishes that you may want to add to your recipe collection. You can eat in or take out your Italian meal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: