Cpa Marketing – Sales Tsunami Cpa Tsunami By Mike Hill-tianbi

Internet-Marketing CPA marketing, or cost per acquisition (action) marketing, is much like affiliate marketing has a few subtle differences. One, it’s adopted by big league .panies and Internet marketers. And two, the payouts can be awesome! The beauty of CPA offers is that there are usually two levels, leads and sales. The good CPA campaigns will offer some kind of a bonus if you provide a lead, and will pay out even more (sometimes a lot more) if you send a sale. One of my favorite CPA marketing offers to promote is InfusionSoft. With Infusionsoft, the offer is structured so that if I provide a lead I get paid $5. If I send a sale, I get paid $100. The beauty of that is Infusionsoft makes it easy. They provide a downloadable PDF that I can market to my list or my readers which really adds value to the sign up itself. That’s really the bottom line, providing value. There are all kinds of CPA networks out there. There is .mission Junction and LinkShare, two of the big dogs in the CPA marketing arena. Each of them have thousands of offers for you to choose from that you can promote on your site or in your e-mail marketing list. Quite a few of those pay top dollar for leads and sales. For example, some hosting .panies will pay as much as $100 if you send a new customer to them… And that’s right away! One of my favorite Internet marketing mentors is Mike Hill. He’s taught me a lot in terms of Internet marketing – but he .mands a hefty $25,000 a day for his time! Mike Hill has put together a program called CPA Tsunami (Sales Tsunami) which teaches you all about making money on cost per acquisition or CPA offers. The reason I made this video was to tell you about one of his supersecret Inter. marketing tactics called Value Trojans. What value Trojans are is a tiny, micro continuity type system that he employs directly after somebody signs up for one of his programs. In essence, it’s a sale after a sale but these particular offers are designed to keep you making money over the next 10 months or so. If you can offer these small Value Trojans to every person who signs up for your newsletter or product over the next year, pretty extraordinary revenue starts happening! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: