Corn purchase in Northeast China is close to 83 million

The purchase quantity of Maize in Northeast China is close to 83 million tons, and the price will rise. The futures Daily reporter learned from the relevant departments, as of February 10th, the relevant departments have purchased 2015 tons of northeast corn 82 million 614 thousand and 800 tons in the northeast three provinces and one district. Among them, in February 1 – 5 cumulative acquisition of 1 million tons; February – 10 – 6, although affected by the Spring Festival holiday factors, the acquisition progress is slow, but within 5 days still bought 55 thousand tons. At present, the cumulative purchase volume of Heilongjiang is about 37 million 70 thousand tons, Jilin is about 23 million 680 thousand tons, Liaoning is about 6 million 890 thousand tons, and Inner Mongolia is about 14 million 920 thousand tons. After the Spring Festival, the purchase of entrusted corn purchase sites in the Northeast has been gradually restored, and the market is expected to soon reach the pre – Holiday level. According to this calculation, by the end of the acquisition in April 30th, the total amount of acquisitions will be high, is expected to break through the 90 million tons mark, the Northeast 2015 annual corn will be purchased, warehousing. Then, on the market circulation of grain co.. In the case of corn storage in the country can not enter the market in time, do not rule out the northeast region short supply shortage may occur, corn prices or there will be a wave of rising prices. Hebei province Baixiang county corn dealer Yang Xinshe told reporters, the current mainland corn market buying and selling relatively light, after the first month of fifteen after the market will return to normal, from the Spring Festival before and after the corn price trend, the price changes little. "The mainland corn market did not implement the temporary storage policy, plus Henan, Hebei, Shandong throughout the winter, more rain and snow, affecting farmers and sell dry corn, the surplus farmers more, the market price is low. After April, if the price of corn in the northeast region rises rapidly, then the mainland corn will flow into the northeast region on the one hand, and on the other hand, the price will be Lagar." Yang Xin society believes that the late corn market price rise and fall mainly by the northeast region of the purchase of corn progress and the state stores the amount of corn out of the corn and price. According to the futures Daily reporter understands, the current corn inventory is huge, the relevant departments are taking some measures to speed up the inventory of corn out of the warehouse speed, but because the inventory of corn quality is low, sales are not smooth, the latter does not exclude the possibility of markdowns. At present, the quality of corn supply is less, the quality of corn prices are relatively strong, while most moldy corn exceeds the standard price is low. From the demand of the corn market, the pig price keeps hitting a new high, which ignites the enthusiasm of the farmers to fill the fence, and the demand for feed corn grows faster. At the same time, the demand for deep processing of corn has steadily increased, and some enterprises have increased the number of production turnover inventory. In addition, compared with the price of wheat and other staple agricultural products, corn price advantage is obvious, the market will not be replaced by a large number of corn phenomenon. It is also known that, before and after the Spring Festival, China’s imports of DDGS and other corn substitute products declined, the southern region feed enterprises are increasing domestic corn purchasing strength, which is also conducive to domestic corn prices rebound. Copyright notice: all contents of this website, all sources: "futures daily" all text, pictures and audio and video information, copyright belongs to period.

东北地区玉米收购量接近8300万吨    临储收购支撑,价格将上涨      期货日报记者从有关部门获悉,截至2月10日,有关部门已在东北三省一区累计收购2015年产东北玉米8261.48万吨。其中,2月1―5日累计收购100万吨;2月6―10日,虽然受到春节放假因素影响,收购进度缓慢,但5天内仍收购了5.5万吨。目前,黑龙江的累计收购量约为3707万吨,吉林约为2368万吨,辽宁约为689万吨,内蒙古约为1492万吨。   春节过后,东北各地受委托玉米收购库点的收购工作陆续恢复,市场预计收购进度很快就会达到节前水平。照此推算,到4月30日收购结束,收购总量会创新高,有望突破9000万吨的大关,东北2015年产玉米大部分都将被收购入库。届时,市场上可流通的粮源有限。在国储陈玉米不能及时入市的情况下,不排除东北地区市场出现短暂供应紧张的可能,玉米价格或会出现一波上涨行情。   河北省柏乡县玉米经销商杨新社告诉记者,当前内地玉米市场购销比较清淡,正月十五以后市场才会恢复正常,从春节前后玉米价格走势来看,价格变化不大。   “由于内地玉米市场没有实施临时收储政策,加上整个冬季河南、河北、山东等地雨雪天气较多,影响了农民晾晒和出售玉米,当前农民手中余粮较多,市场价格也偏低。4月以后,如果东北地区玉米价格较快上涨,那么内地玉米一方面会流入东北地区,另一方面价格也会被拉高。”杨新社认为,后期玉米市场价格涨跌主要由东北地区玉米收购进度和国储陈玉米出库数量与价格左右。   据期货日报记者了解,当前玉米库存庞大,有关部门正在采取一定的措施加快库存玉米出库速度,但由于库存玉米质量偏低,销售不太顺畅,后期不排除降价促销的可能。目前,优质玉米货源偏少,质量较好的玉米价格较为坚挺,而大部分霉变粒超标的玉米则价格偏低。   从玉米市场需求情况来看,猪价不断创出新高点燃了养殖户的补栏热情,饲用玉米需求增长较快。与此同时,玉米深加工的需求稳中有升,部分企业还加大了生产周转库存数量。另外,与小麦等大宗农产品价格相比,玉米价格优势明显,市场不会出现玉米被大量替代的现象。   另据了解,春节前后,我国进口DDGS等玉米替代品的数量有所下降,南方地区饲料企业正在加大采购国产玉米的力度,这也有利于国内玉米价格的回升。   版权声明:本网所有内容,凡来源:“期货日报”的所有文字、图片和音视频资料,版权均属期货日报所有,任何媒体、网站或个人未经本网协议授权不得转载、链接、转贴或以其他方式复制发布 发表。已经本网协议授权的媒体、网站,在下载使用时必须注明"稿件来源:期货日报",违者本网将依法追究责任。相关的主题文章: