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Internet-and-Business-Online Content Marketing makes it simple and easy to build a highly responsive list of gold. And you do want a highly responsive list of gold, don’t you? A Few Random Thoughts Random Thought #1 – I never refer to my list community as my "list." I always refer to my list community as my "list community." Why is this important? Well, think about it with me for a moment. When you call it a list, it conjures up just a list of email addresses that you get to pound every day to extract as much money as possible. Like me, you’ve probably been on a few of those lists yourself. Now consider what comes to mind when you read or hear the words "list community." For me, this means a group of people that I am called to lead, protect, and be committed to their success. Random Thought #2 – So therefore the secret to online success is not in your list. It’s in your relationship with your list community. Here’s why: When you take great care of your list community, they will take great care of you. 5 Simple Steps Step 1 – Create Some Content – It can be in text, audio, video, or some combination of these 3 ways to deliver content. The quickest way to create some content is to come up with the 3 most common mistakes around a topic in your niche and what to do instead. Yes, I could make it a lot harder than that, buy why? Step 2 – Add a Call to Action – Invite your prospect to take the next natural step of success by downloading something you are giving away – a template, an audio, a video, etc. Maybe even sign up for a free event like a webinar or HangOut. Step 3 – Invite Your Prospect to Your Opt-In Page – In your Call to Action, invite your prospect to visit your opt-in page. This is where they enter their name and email to take the next step of success with you. Whatever you do, do not worry about your prospect not giving you their email address. If they are unwilling to give you their email address, what makes you think they’ll ever be willing to give you their credit card number? Step 4 – Follow Up – Folks your fortune and your future are in the follow up. Most marketers do not follow up well. Some do not follow up at all. So it’s fairly easy to ahead of most of your competition when you follow up. So follow up, follow up, follow up. Step 5 – Take Great Care of Your List Community – This is huge – the secret sauce. Take great care of the people who have chosen to learn from you. Answer their questions. Ask them questions. Provide them with their next steps of success. When your prospects chose to learn from you, they honored you. Now honor them back by taking great care of them. About the Author: .JeffHerring../listbuilding . Brought to you by Jeff Herring – Dedicated to helping you unleash and cash in on your content. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: