Comment you must clear the blind spot in paragraph 170171

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Comment: must be cleared of section 170171 of the "blind spot" Author: Pang Lan — on Legal Evening News news today that Shandong 18 year old girl Xu Yuyu was admitted to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, received a strange phone call at the beginning of the 171, said a grant to her. In accordance with the instructions of the telephone, she put 9900 yuan tuition has been ready for the meeting to each other, then we know cheated, after a report on the way home, Xu Yuyu suddenly fainted, and then killed. Telephone fraud for every mobile phone users are not unfamiliar, but some people get different not fooled, some people cheated a little money, some people suffered. At this time the phone fraud, death is a bloom of youth, just admitted to university young girl, the more people sadly sigh. According to reports, local police have set up a task force to solve the case, I believe the criminals will eventually arrested, but Xu Yuyu’s youth has never come again. In this tragedy, telephone fraud from section 171, in the last month, the Safety Management Bureau of the Ministry of network made an unannounced visits to the virtual operators new network phone users real name registration, many public security department said in the release of fraud warning, section 170171 is a telecommunications fraud "heavy disaster area" for example, the city of Wenzhou anti fraud center was founded, received a report of more than 3 thousand telephone fraud, paragraph 170 of the above Zhansan. 170171 virtual operator segment. The so-called virtual operators, like agents, from mobile, China Unicom, the three major telecom operators based there contracted part of the communication network the right to use, and then through their own billing systems, customer service, marketing and management system of the communication services to consumers. According to media reports, after the release of these two numbers, some people are indeed in use, but there are still some people who are bought up for the network brush or registered website. The lawless elements, if the use of section 170171 fraud, after the card thrown, virtual operators can not find the user. Therefore, it is difficult to check the 170171 fraud. When countries are considering the development of virtual operators, in order to promote the communications industry market, but after several years of development, section 170171, a lot of problems, we must think: This is really difficult to cure the incurable disease? First, the initial virtual operators in order to develop the user, in the real name registration requirements are not strict. In Xu Yuyu’s case, she received a telephone fraud after the real name registration number is, but to trick her out of her money, this number will shut down. If the virtual operators did not seriously implement the real name system, people buy a card just to find a copy of ID card will be able to buy, even a copy of ID card does not need to buy the card, then the so-called "real name" has no meaning. Secondly, though virtual operators to get 170171 of the two section, but the flow, voice and other services are all from the three operators at wholesale, their communication services and users and industry compared to the larger gap, so I相关的主题文章: