Comment high iron ticket pricing right down, don’t let go of responsibility and integrity of the

Comment: high iron ticket pricing right down, don’t let go of responsibility and integrity of Sohu on 2016, high-speed rail ticket pricing by the national development and reform commission delegated to the China railway company. The withdrawal of "visible hand" is an important link to play the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources. But the fare adjustment should reflect the service quality, operating costs, livelihood security, and other competitive factors, can not deviate from the laws of the market, but can not deviate from the "responsibility and integrity" track. By the end of 2015, the domestic high-speed rail business mileage reached 19 thousand km, accounting for about 15.8% of the total mileage. The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, which operates only in 2011, has benefited more than 330 million passengers. Success is gratifying, but high-speed rail construction is still in the stage of rolling stone mountain climbing, fare should be to further play the role of decentralization of market allocation of resources to the propeller. In the process of fare adjustment, service quality is an important reference. Only listen carefully to the voice down passengers, to meet passenger demand as the direction, to promote passenger information disclosure more timely, transparent, improve service quality, is the most effective way to follow the laws of the market. The price is flexible, and the vitality of the industry should be stimulated by the pressure of market competition. Compared with highway, aviation and other means of transportation, the railway has its characteristics and advantages. However, the "iron boss" style derived from the monopoly position should be resolutely abandoned. Since embarked on the process of the market, we must be good at using the modern management methods from the internal potential to reduce operating costs, to industry rivals learn advanced experience, based on domestic and overseas focus, the formation of China high iron operation mode flexible and competitive. Let the reputation of China’s high-speed rail is not limited to hardware R & D, manufacturing, but also really become a trump card of transportation service industry called. Decentralization of the pricing power does not mean abandoning the public attribute of the industry. In the final analysis, the railway is a livelihood undertakings. Passenger affordability and demand characteristics are still the important reference factors for the actual fare implementation. Ignoring the public attribute and simply pursuing commercial profits may hinder the long-term development of the railway itself. Price is an important lever of the market; honesty is the important principle of the market. The enterprise only "lawful, fair and honest" into practice, with the price law, the Railway Law and other laws and regulations, unified progressive exploration of economic and social benefits, in order to speed ahead on the right track. According to Xinhua News Agency

评论:高铁票定价权下放,别放掉责任和诚信-搜狐评论  2016年,高铁客票定价权已由国家发改委下放至中国铁路总公司。“有形之手”的退出是发挥市场在资源配置中决定性作用的重要一环。但票价调整应是服务质量、运营成本、民生保障、竞争因素等的综合反映,不能偏离市场规律,更不能偏离“责任和诚信”的轨道。   截至2015年底,国内高铁营业里程达到1.9万公里,约占总营业里程的15.8%。仅2011年起营运的京沪高铁,所惠及的出行人次就已超过3.3亿。成绩固然可喜,但高铁建设仍处于滚石上山的爬坡阶段,票价下放应成为进一步发挥市场配置资源作用的推进器。   在票价调整过程中,服务质量是重要参照依据。唯有俯下身认真倾听旅客呼声,以满足旅客需求为方向,推动客运信息公开更加及时、透明,提升服务质量,才是遵循市场规律的制胜之道。   定价灵活了,更要以市场竞争的压力激发行业蕴藏的活力。相比公路、航空等运输手段,铁路有其特点与优势。但因垄断地位衍生的“铁老大”作风要坚决摒弃。既然走上市场化进程,就要善于运用现代管理手段从内部挖潜降低运营成本,向行业竞争对手学习先进经验,立足国内、着眼海外,形成灵活多元、竞争力强的中国高铁运营模式。让中国高铁的口碑不仅仅局限于硬件研发、制造,也真正成为运输服务业一张叫得响的王牌。   定价权下放,不代表抛弃行业的公共属性。归根结底,铁路是一项民生事业。旅客承受能力与需求特点,依然是制定实际执行票价的重要参考因素。忽视公共属性,单纯追逐商业利润,有可能会妨碍铁路自身的长远发展。   价格,是市场的重要杠杆;诚信,是市场的重要原则。企业唯有将“合法、公平、诚信”落在实处,恪守价格法、铁路法等法规,循序渐进探索经济效益与社会效益的统一,才能在正确的轨道上高速前行。据新华社相关的主题文章: