Close the Qing Hua Yuan Railway Station in Beijing railway crossing Wudaokou will be dismantled in B-hamimelon

Close the Qing Hua Yuan Railway Station in Beijing railway crossing "Wudaokou" will be removed – Beijing, effectively improve the traffic environment in the northwest rings no longer have the level of railway crossing the day before yesterday, 106 years of the Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway officially closed the Qing Hua Yuan Railway Station, the Qing Hua Yuan Railway Station will also become history. The reporter learned from the Municipal Construction Committee, after the withdrawal of the Qing Hua Yuan Railway Station, the station of the old track was demolished, but the station will continue to retain. At the same time, located in Haidian District railway crossing "Wudaokou" will be dismantled, northwest Beijing annoying traffic will open up, effectively improve the traffic environment in Northwest area. In the morning and evening peak road into traffic blocking point please note that the train was coming. Please wait outside the railings, do not grab the line, do not drill railings." Since yesterday, the people of Wudaokou can no longer hear the sound of the familiar treble speakers. While crossing the tracks and facilities have not been removed, but there is no train through the passage of vehicles and pedestrians. According to reports, in 1909, Zhan Tianyou presided over the design and build the first railroad — Chinese own Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway, because it is starting from Beijing North Railway Station Beijing Zhang railway crossing fifth, so it was called "Wudaokou". Lee told reporters in the vicinity of the work, where the train had to go before the break, especially in the morning and evening peak, the queue of vehicles at least two hundred or three hundred meters, pedestrians are also piled here can not pass. It is understood that after the early peak of 7 points in Wudaokou to have a pass through the train between the 10 points, each vehicle passed, must be open about 3 to 4 minutes. With the rapid development of Beijing City, "Wudaokou" and "four crossing" and "Shuangqing Road crossing" has become Beijing rings in the last three railroad crossings, due to the lack of transportation facilities, all passing trains still need to fence blocking the passing vehicles and pedestrians, the three crossing into Northwestern Beijing annoying traffic jams point. The future, the three railroad crossings will be dismantled, restoration of road traffic. Later, although the name is still called the "four crossing", "Wudaokou", but "crossing" will no longer exist, and there will be "Gongzhufen" and "Wukesong", into a bearing Beijing vicissitudes of terminology. The largest city in Beijing Zhang High-speed Rail tunnel reporter learned that the new Beijing Zhangjiakou High-speed Rail by deep tunnels from the underground through, this method will completely avoid the influence on railway through the city traffic, reduce the noise impact on the surrounding residents. From Xizhimen to Tsinghua East Road, between the rings of the old Beijing Zhang orbit will be removed, including Tsinghua Yuan railway station after the demolition of the railway station to build a shield tunnel construction tunnel. Relevant person in charge told reporters fourteen Bureau of China Railway Group Company big shield, a total length of 5.33 kilometers along the Tsinghua Yuan tunnel, the old Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway Line from Beijing North Railway Station in Xizhimen Road, then, gradually into the underground, from the ground the busiest section of the Beijing North Railway Station to Qinghe Railway Station. Parallel with the Metro Line 13, continuous wear under the North Third Ring Road, Zhichun Road, Metro Line 10, North City of Victoria, Cheng Fu Road, Qinghua East Road, on the subway across the metro line 15, in the Wanquan River south out of the ground, and then under the Ping相关的主题文章: