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City industry and Commerce Bureau of the Mid Autumn Festival received a total of 359 pieces of moon cake coupons delivery is not difficult to get the moon cake is an essential gift. Washington recently, the city administration of industry and Commerce released the 2016 Mid Autumn Festival 12315 consumer complaints center. In the three day of a small holiday, the center received a total of 377 reports (complaints of 359, reported a total of 18), an increase of 15%, timely consultation of all kinds of questions. Among them, the network sales class complaints accounted for 45%; food (36), Internet services (29), food and beverage accommodation (22), courier services (), household items (19) and other complaints. During the holiday, the 12315 center received food complaints of 36, the first of all types of complaints, including complaints about the consumption of moon cake, a total of 26, an increase of 30%. Complaints focused on moon cake coupons difficult delivery, operators do not timely delivery of moon cake. As of September 15th, consumer Kang calls, to a certain brand of moon cake coupons to the designated stores from moon cake, only to be told "no goods". In September 16th, consumer Jiangmou calls, ordering a moon cake through the Internet, agreed in September 14th delivery, but operators fail, and prevarication. Internet service complaints and catering accommodation complaints followed, there were 29 pieces, 22 pieces of complaints mainly related to Internet access failure, network game dispute, online transaction service delay, hotel reservation service, catering and accommodation disputes inconsistent with the agreement etc.. If consumers Lee calls, in the operation of the network game in the process of the account was closed, the virtual property is damaged, contact the operator has been eroded. But by the super typhoon "Meranti" and other factors, during the holidays courier service complaints and transportation complaints also increased significantly compared to previous years, there were 21 and 14, while last year the figure was only 10 and 4. The main problems reflected by consumers, including courier delivery delays, flight cancellations or delays caused consumer dissatisfaction, the relevant field of service quality and emergency response capacity to be improved. Such as September 16th consumer Zhang said, a few days ago commissioned a courier company will be an object from Shandong to Shanghai, but the courier has not yet served. September 15th consumer Liu said the call, a net purchase of air tickets to fly to Shanghai, Malaysia, due to flight delays, negotiations with the operators did not get a proper response. Hot news: Shanghai 2040 planning interpretation: Shanghai actively prosperity retreat this month Shanghai amount will increase more than 1000 transaction settlement date has been adjusted to resolve the housing bubble risk and how to avoid the tune higher Jiangwan in sheep grazing place tight enclosure neighbor people Shanghai District Changning Xin Lan District murder of the deceased son by the police to control the weather forecast Shanghai: windy weather continued to the end of September or the hot weather tonight相关的主题文章: